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Tuesday:) Take No Prisoners

30 Apr

“Once we are destined to live out our lives in the prison of our mind, our duty is to furnish it well.”

~Peter Ustinov


This picture reminds me that sometimes we can be prisoners of our own thoughts. Fortunately for me, my thoughts while taking this picture were, “How lucky am I to have such great friends and a great life.” We were walking around the square, and having lunch after Art Club. I thought this would make a funny photo. I live in a wonderful city, I have great friends and family, and I have a very good life. A few years ago, my thoughts were not as positive and happy. I am no longer a prisoner of my hurts, pain, and negative thoughts.

No one can make you a prisoner of your painful thoughts but you.”

~ Me

Wednesday:Words of Wisdom~ “The Disease Called More”

20 Mar

” If you’re always searching for more, more wealth, more excitement, more love, more status, etc., you’ll never see that you already have enough. It’s been there all along.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


How much is enough? Do you ever ask yourself that question. Probably not. But, there are so many people out there who are always looking for the elusive “MORE.”

I wake up every single morning and say, “Thank you for your blessings.” I don’t know how I came to be so blessed, but I’m grateful every day. Gratitude also means sharing and caring.

Some people may think that they’ve earned everything that they have, and that they deserve so much more. They feel no gratitude to anyone or anything. Unfortunately, those people will never have enough. They will never be happy. They always NEED MORE.

Upon the suggestion of my younger son, Matt, I’ve become interested in meditation. I’ve listened to several YouTube segments, but this morning, I ran across some words of wisdom from Wayne Dyer. I learned a little, I smiled a little, and I cried a little. It’s weird, I didn’t cry for myself, but for all the people who will never understand the concept of “ENOUGH.” I cried for the people who don’t like themselves or the people around them. I cried because they will never know true love, happiness and contentment. But, I keep those people in my prayers. Maybe someday….

If you can’t get this video clip below, try YouTube and type in this topic. It’s not short, but it’s good.

Wayne Dyer ๐ŸŒ€ Stop Wasting Time And Start Greatness,Turn Your No Limit Person From Zero To Hero

Saturday:) Sights, Sounds, and a Special Sign

3 Mar

“When the universe sends you a sign and places it right at your feet, pick it up, read it, and live it.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


She made broken look beautiful

and strong look invincible.

She walked with the Universe

on her shoulders and made it

look like a pair of wings.โ€

โ€• Ariana Dancu


I walked in the murky misty morning. It was cold, but I wore three layers, and hat and gloves kept me comfortable. I might have just stayed in my jammies all morning, but Bella was in need of a walk, so we ventured out and pranced around the pond. I dropped her off at home and continued my walk. For some reason, the mist and gloom was invigorating. All bundled up, I felt like an invincible soldier, with long strides and arms pumping to the cadence. (I’m from Chicago- we are tough.)

The birds were chirping and singing sweet songs, not realizing that it was freezing out. I didn’t see another single soul out walking as I pranced my 2.2 miles around the neighborhood. Even though it was grey and gloomy, I enjoyed the sights along my regular route. I especially love the interesting Heart shapes that Mother Nature provides in the strangest places.

About a mile into my walk, a tiny sliver of paper in the grass caught my eye. I just kept walking, then did an about face and went back to pick it up. Just out of curiosity, I wanted to see what it said. It was was one of those slips of paper that comes in a fortune cookie. Hmm? A sign, perhaps?

Ah… a perfect message and sign waiting there just for me. I always say,”If you’re waiting for a sign, this is it.” A sign from the universe? A sign from my guardian angel? My take on it… always keep kindness within your heart, and you can’t help but share it with others.

Happy Saturday, my friends.

Wednesday:) Words of Wisdom From Facebook

6 Feb

“We donโ€™t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.”

~Marcel Proust


I don’t watch much television nowadays, and I NEVER watch the news. Therefore, most of my worldly information and entertainment comes from Facebook. Sad, right? But, I do glean wonderful words of wisdom from my many friends who post great quotes.

Here is what made me smile, cry, ponder, commiserate with, and learn from on Facebook just today…

Yep, I’m going to take that trip, buy the shoes and eat LOTS of cake.

Montage Monday:) A Week In A Peek

8 Jan

โ€œThey say I’m old-fashioned, and live in the past, but sometimes I think progress progresses too fast!โ€

โ€• Dr. Seuss


Another great week. One minute I’m in Chicago, the next I’m back in McKinney. No, it’s not time travel, but I sure would love that. It was wonderful to be with family and friends. All I can say is… I am blessed.

It’s a new year. It’s a great time to start fresh. I’m hoping to make this the best year ever. Wishing the same for you.

Wednesday:) What’s Your Word for 2019?

3 Jan

I am AMAZING, and I am smart.

I love to bake, and I love my art.

Writing every day renews my soul.

Walking each day, a personal goal.

Strangers I meet will become a friend.

My gifts and my blessings have no end.

I am AMAZING, you already know.

I am AMAZING because I said so.

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


This is a brand new year, and time for a brand new start. Each New Year’s Day, people all over the world make resolutions, set goals, and make plans for a better year. These don’t always last too long, do they?

Yesterday, I wrote about counting your blessings, and writing down the blessings and wonderful things that happen to you. Then, you put the slips of paper in a jar all year round. January 1st of the next year, read all your blessings. Keep the blessing jar in sight at all times and it will be easy to keep up with.

Another thing so many people do January 1st is to pick a word for the year. You pick a word that you want to be, or something you want to do or become. Pick a word that inspires and motivates you. Choose a positive word with wonderful energy and power. It’s like your mantra. Every day, think about your word. Become your word. It can be a new word or one you’ve used before. Define your word, envision it, and live it.

It is suggested that you pick your word. Look up the definition. Have the word become a part of you. Have your word written somewhere you can see all the time. Say your word out loud every day.


I chose my word right away. It’s a word I’ve used before and I’ll use it again. It might be my forever word…


I am AMAZING! Whenever I wear this leather cuff, I tell people, “Look! I am amazing, and I have a bracelet that says so.” (I made this bracelet in a leather tooling class.)

amazing FL adjective

Definition of amazing 

: causing astonishment, great wonder, or surprise

an amazing story of personal bravery and survival


I like this definition and example. Causing astonishment, great wonder, or surprise. An amazing story of personal bravery and survival. Yep!

So, what is your word???? Pick a word. Share your word. Live your word.

Wednesday:) Words of Wisdom From Facebook

27 Dec

“All my wisdom, knowledge, and vital information was ascertained on my Facebook page.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Thought I would share some words of wisdom that I found on my Facebook page just today. Some very great quotes shared by some very dear friends.

Words to live by. Hope you are having a great Wednesday and day after Christmas.

OK! Just one more Gamma picture for good measure.