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Theme Song Thursday:) Everything’s Coming Up Roses

4 Oct

“Do not watch the petals fall from the rose with sadness, know that, like life, things sometimes must fade, before they can bloom again.



Last night around 11:30 pm, I posted a picture on Facebook of a dozen clear glass wine glasses. I said hat I was getting a late start, it I was feeling inspired and productive. Last week I painted bluebonnets, so this week I wanted to paint yellow roses. Everyone in Texas loves yellow roses.

I went up to my studio, better known as my “crap room,” turned on the tv and proceeded to paint till almost 2:30 am. Once I start, I can’t stop, because I’ll never have that recipe again.

VOILA!!! Everything’s coming up roses!

I always love the finished product and all the compliments I get from friends and family.

As I always say, “I can’t grow a flower, but I can paint a flower.” We all have our gifts and talents.

Happy Thursday, my friends.

Friday:) Final Blossoms Fading Fast

10 Dec

“Love without reason—bloom without season.” 

― Debasish Mridha


Final blossoms fading fast

Chill of winter here at last.

Like in life they cannot stay

Left to die and fade away.

But in Spring a bud appears

Sharing joy throughout the years.

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis

I went out in the dark last night and cut the final beautiful blossoms from my rose bush. We were expecting freezing temps and frost. It’s mid December, and miraculous that the roses were still thriving and blooming this late in the season. I placed the remaining colorful blooms in a festive Christmas tea cup to brighten my kitchen and my day.

Wednesday:) When You Care, You Share

1 Dec

“Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.” 

― Brian Tracy


While I was focused on my food frenzy of making turkey soup, stew, and turkey salad, I also baked some brownies. As always, I shared with friends. Today, I invited my neighbor Diane over for lunch. Guess what we had? Right! Turkey soup with a surprise desser of a warm brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce. Yum! 

After lunch, I went for a walk. It was a bit chilly, but the sun was shining and the trees were starting to turn. When I got back to my front door, I noticed that my single solitary knockout rose bush was still gorgeous, still blooming.

Knowing that these beautiful blooms will not last much longer, I decided to share some roses with friends. I gave a few to the neighbor’s next door, then I decided to cut all the pretty ones to share with my friends at our church group and a few for the ladies in the choir, who meet at the same time.

I devised a way to keep the roses in water with a recycled yogurt container. I made an X on the lid to put the flowers in water without spilling. 

I individually wrapped the smaller ones in a baggie for the choir ladies.

I also took some brownies for my support group and took some mini pot pies for one of my friends who is unable to cook right now. 

All these gestures were greatly appreciated. The roses were a gift of nature. It didn’t cost anything but a little time to cut and wrap and share. When I cook and bake, it doesn’t take that much more effort to make a little more and share. 

“Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.” 

― Brian Tracy

Tuesday:) Take Time To Smell the Roses

27 Apr

Today, just take time to smell the roses, enjoy those little things about your life, your family, spouse, friends, job. Forget about the thorns -the pains and problems they cause you – and enjoy lifeBernard Kelvin Clive, Your Dreams Will Not Die


Today was s good day to smell the roses and forget about the thorns. 

Starting with Zumba class, some chores at home, the dentist in the afternoon, yummy lunch with Karen and Miss Eleanor, visit Miss Kathy and Miss Elizabeth at Sweet Spot, a call from the kids, then a short walk before the storm. 

Every day, I try to see the beauty in the little things, and the blessings shared with friends and family. There are thorns. There will always be thorns, but the joy outweighs the pain. 

Wild flowers in the field. How lovely!

Selfie at Sweet Spot with Miss Kathy. 


The sun peeking through the trees. 

Friday:) From My Window

16 Apr

From my window I can see

All the things I want to be.

Barren winter’s chill has fled

Roses grace my flower bed.

I long to be like that rose

Once asleep, now thrives and grows.

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


The beautiful thriving rose bush outside my front window made me wax nostalgic about the season. Not just the seasons of the earth, but of our lives. Both are ever changing. We appreciate the colorful beauty of Spring after a harsh cold winter. 

I planted that knockout rose bush just a year ago. It came in a small black plastic container, and barely snuck up above the dirt when first planted. Now, in its second season, it’s strong and bold and more beautiful than before. (A metaphor. Perchance a metamorphosis.)

I cut a few of the roses from back behind the bush where no one gets to see or appreciate. I brought them into the house and placed them in different rooms to brighten my day. A reminder of sorts.


Wednesday:) What Do You See?

7 Jan

Just remember, during the winter, far beneath the bitter snow, that there’s a seed that with the sun’s love in the spring becomes a rose.”
– Bette Midler 

So, what do you see when the rose petals fall?

The harshness of winter, or nothing at all?

The seasons foreshadow what time can’t evade.

That bright crimson blossoms must whither and fade.

But there ‘neath the shadows a lone bud awaits,

To weather the storm and to challenge the fates.

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


The cycle of life, the cycle of nature is always looming. We can view it as the end of what was or the promise of what can be. That’s what I see when I look at the single rose bush in my front yard. The old roses are faded and whithered. It’s winter, it’s January, there are still strong hopeful buds waiting to emerge. I choose to admire the tenacity of the tiny bud, than to mourn the demise of the beautiful red rose. Hope springs eternal in the Spring.


Theme Song Thursday:) Everything’s Coming Up Roses

20 Nov

“I feel as if I had opened a book and found roses of yesterday sweet and fragrant, between its leaves.” 
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of the Island


For my theme song today, I chose “Everything’s Coming Up Roses,” because I am literally up to my ears in roses.( Yesterday I had a rose theme too. Coincidence?.) This year, my 2015 ornament  that I paint is going to be the pink rose. Don’t even get me started on glitter. I haven’t gotten to the glitter yet. Yikes! I love Christmas!