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Sunday Sermon and Super Fun Friends

22 Jul

“You cannot truly listen to anyone and do anything else at the same time.”

― M. Scott Peck


Another steamy Sunday morning. I got to church in time to greet the lovely ladies that come on the Chateau Senior Living bus. I scurried like a bunny to the far end of the church to open the side doors and give them each a hug. When I returned to the front door, my friend Miss Dorothy was approaching the steps. When I see her, I try to scoot over there to hold her hand and help her maneuver up the steps. I remembered to get a selfie today.

It was a fine Mass and today’s Gospel was the story of Martha and Mary attending to Jesus during His visit to their home. Martha was doing all the work and preparations while Mary just sat by the feet of Jesus, listening to His every word.

Martha, burdened with much serving, came to him and said,

“Lord, do you not care

that my sister has left me by myself to do the serving?

Tell her to help me.”

The Lord said to her in reply,

“Martha, Martha, you are anxious and worried about many things.

There is need of only one thing.

Mary has chosen the better part

and it will not be taken from her.”

My take on it… it is more rewarding to sit, listen, and learn than to be frantic about keeping up appearances or entertaining. Let the dishes sit in the sink and play with the kids. Spend time with friends and family instead of scrubbing floors or mowing the lawn. Take time for prayer and gratitude instead of chasing the almighty dollar, $$. Choose your priorities wisely. Martha could have sat and listened, then later attended to the serving, and perhaps Mary would have helped her then.

After Mass, Helene, Jerry and I stopped at McD for a quick coffee. I think Jerry was showing off again because he had a collared shirt on after all the jokes and compliments last week.

Helene and I had collared shirts on too. But, we normally do anyway.

I got home in time to check my emails for ten minutes, then Sherri Murphy picked me up so we could go to the Chocolate Angel Cafe and Tea Room for brunch. That was her Mom’s favorite place, and we were honoring our Mom’s, now in heaven. She lost her Mom a year ago today. It was nice to raise a glass and toast our sweet mothers. Her daughter, Kimi joined us in our celebration of two beautiful angels.


We did some shopping and found some treasures and silly hats. A wonderful afternoon with girlfriends.

Then, when I got home, I was able to FaceTime with baby Sophie. She’s usually asleep when they call, but today the baby was still awake.

Well, I’m not done with my day yet. Helene had invited me to dinner around 6 pm and she asked me to give her a hand putting up a tricky curtain rod in her living room. I couldn’t eat another bite after that wonderful brunch, so I just went over to give her some help. (How many senior ladies and how many hours does it take to put up one measly curtain rod?) LOTS! Between the two of us, and maybe two hours, we got the darn thing up and the curtains hung, but I wouldn’t bet on how long it’s going to stay up there. We did laugh a lot and only cuss a little.

Happy Sunday my friends. 🙋

Saturday:) Sharing Is Caring

21 Jul

“When we share, we open doors to a new beginning.”

― Paul Bradley Smith


My friend Linda asked me the other day if I’d be able to help her with her Facebook page. I told her that I wasn’t an expert, but I knew how to do a few things. The only reason I know how to do most things on my computer or iPhone or iPad is because someone showed me some tips and tricks and encouraged me to use the trial and error method.

I remember when I got my first iPhone, I was totally clueless. I used it to make calls and then shut it off. It made me nervous. But, I wasn’t afraid to ask for help. When I went to lunch with friends, I’d ask Sherry or Lynne to stay after to give me a few pointers. That was quite a while ago, and now my cell phone is just another appendage. Now, I’m an app totin’, photo shootin’, karaoke croonin’, obnoxious selfie takin’ grandma. Ain’t technology grand?

This morning, Linda and I met at McDonald’s for our first Facebook and photo sharing rendezvous.

I brought my older iPad and she had her newer iPhone. Some things were a little different, but we figured them out. I showed her how to get a photo from her picture albums, enhance, add color, and crop, and then get onto her Facebook profile. It took a while, she took notes, and we practiced. I remember doing the same thing with my mentors. I was just “paying it forward.”

After an intense technology immersion session, we sat and relaxed, talking about children, grandkids, friends, faith and our mutual love of McKinney. When we started our morning, we were just friendly acquaintances. Now, we are girlfriends. You really don’t get that closeness until you sit, one-on-one with someone and share your entire life in a couple of hours of personal conversation. We have so much in common. I wouldn’t have known any of that from our usual big group gatherings.

A little tip… always try to spend some quality one-on-one time with friends. Share your time and talents, and remember to pay it forward.

Friday:) Friends, Furry and Otherwise…and My Firemen, Of Course

20 Jul

“Give of yourself to others and others will give of themselves to you.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo


My morning started out by walking through the park and picking up my little furry friend, Bella. I keep Bella with me when Mr. Mike has to travel on business. She has become part of my family, and we do a lot of walking together. Unfortunately, it’s been really hot here, so I only take her for short walks. Then, I go out and walk a few more blocks alone. I put in 2.5 miles this morning before it got too hot.

Then, a quick shower and meet the TOTS, the Table Of Talented Sisters, for lunch at Petra’s Mexican Bistro. I hadn’t been to this new location because it was a sad reminder of where “WE” (the EX and I) used to go together about once a week. It’s been six years, and I’m getting better at doing things and going places that remind me of what “WE” used to do. Now, I’m happy to start new traditions with my amazing long time friends. Good food, good friends.

I had a dull headache all day, so I decided to lie down a while. But, a few minutes later, Mr. Mike called from D.C. to ask me a favor. His tailor had called him and said she accidentally gave him the wrong suit that she had tailored for him, and the other man needed his suit for a wedding tomorrow. He was in D.C. and she was in a panic. Her voice trembling and desperate on the phone. So, he asked if I’d go into his house, get the suit and take it over to the tailor. I said, of course. The sweet lady gave me a big hug when I returned the suit and took the correct one for Mr. Mike. (My good deed for the day.)

Since I was just a couple of minutes away from St. Gabriel, I thought maybe that was a sign to stop in for Adoration and say the rosary. I did that yesterday, but I figured twice is even better. Couldn’t hurt.

To finalize my good deeds for the day, (hey, good deed Friday) I stopped at Fire Station 9 to drop off some cookies. Miss Pat gave me the left over cookies from karaoke yesterday to take to my firemen. I picked up the outside phone, and someone answered, “Station 9, how can I help you?” I said, “It’s Miss Toni with some cookies.” The connection was staticky, and he said, “Sorry, who is this?” I said, “Miss Toni.” Then, the reply was, “Oh, Miss Toni! I’ll be right there.” I guess the phones were acting up.

He said that they’ve had a very hot and busy day, and I suggested some cookies and milk would make for a nice break.

This was Tuesday. Chocolate dipped strawberries. We have the nicest firemen , and look how skinny they are. I’m doing my best to fatten them up.

Happy Friday, my friends.

Theme Song Thursday:) Everything’s Coming Up Roses

18 Jul

“She who loves roses must be patient and not cry out when she is pierced by thorns.”

― Sappho


I’ve said this many times, I don’t have a green thumb, I can’t grow roses, but I do love to paint them. I haven’t been doing much painting lately, but when I am on a mission, or a commission, so to say, then I bet productive. My good friend, Miss Pat, the Cookie Lady, loved the vase and wine glasses that I have given her. She asked me if I’d paint a few for her to give as gifts. Such a compliment.

So, I got busy painting some vases with pink roses. It took a couple of days, but I think they turned out ok.

A 30 minute bake in the oven and let’s see how they turned out.

Well, I guess everything’s coming up roses.

Weird and Whacky Wednesday:) Phony As A $100 Bill

18 Jul

“Fake; it’s the latest trend, and everyone seems to be in style.”

― Haleigh Kemmerly


I was walking around my neighborhood the other day when I noticed a strange piece of paper on the ground that resembled money. I stepped on it to stop it from blowing down the street, then picked it up. I’ve found lucky pennies, dimes, dollars, and even a $20 bill once, but this looked like $100.

On closer inspection, I noticed some sort of Chinese writing or symbols on both sides. I thought maybe it was some kind of play money, but it sure looked and felt pretty darn real. I just tucked it in my pocket and decided to Google it when I got home.

Oh my! I guess the story goes that some banks in China, supposedly, make pretend $100 bills for their employees to practice handling American money. Is it just me, or does this sound very bogus? When I read further, I guess some folks are trying to pass this phony money off on unsuspecting businesses and other people. Then, I Googled, what to do if you encounter such counterfeit currency. The article said it was illegal to have said currency, and that you should do the following…

Real or Fake?

The United States Secret Service recommends if you receive a counterfeit:

• Do not return it to the passer.

• Delay the passer if possible.

• Observe the passer’s description, as well as that of any companions, and the license plate numbers of any vehicles used.

• Contact your local police department or United States Secret Service field office. These numbers can be found on the inside front page of your local telephone directory.

• Write your initials and the date in the white border areas of the suspect note.

• Limit the handling of the note. Carefully place it in a protective covering, such as an envelope.

• Surrender the note or coin only to a properly identified police officer or a U.S. Secret Service special agent.


I found this one on the sidewalk, just around the corner from my house. So, I put it in a plastic ziploc bag and went next door. My neighbor is a police lieutenant, so I surrendered the bill, and asked him to look into it. I don’t think I have any U.S. Secret Service special agents on my block. If I knew that they were, then I guess they wouldn’t be that “secret” , would they? Who knows? If I found this one lying around in the street, there might be a lot more going around town.

Later on, I looked up more info about counterfeit or “play money.” I always thought it was illegal to sell or distribute money that even remotely looked like real currency. I guess not! You can buy phony money at Kohls, Amazon, Etsy, and a zillion other online sites. Call me crazy but, I don’t think that’s right.

The world is getting so fake and pretentious, who knows what’s real anymore?

Happy Wednesday, my friends. Stay real!

Tuesday:) Two Coins, and Too Hot In Texas

17 Jul

“Sometimes it is good to fly close to the flame, see and experience the heat, but then fly away again, to survive, more wise in the art of heat.”

― Robert Black


I believe in lucky pennies and coins that are signs from heaven. When I find them, I feel blessed. I found two coins today, a penny and a nickel. Even if you don’t believe these are signs of luck, just think, I’m 6 cents richer than I was before. Pretty cool!

It got pretty hot today, but I pretty much stayed in the air conditioning, except for venturing out a few times. I went to the McKinney’s Newcomers meeting this morning. Quite a few of my friends are members, so I thought I’d check it out. The guest speaker was Mrs. Bozema Cloutier. She shared her childhood experiences of her family fleeing her homeland in Poland during World War II when she was only six years old. Her memories were vivid, painful, sad, joyous, and uplifting, all rolled up together.

For some reason, when the weather is really hot outside, everywhere I go, the air conditioning is cranked up so high that I’m always freezing. I shouldn’t have to wear a sweater when it’s 100 degrees out, but I do.

After the meeting, I had lunch with my birthday sister, Bonita. We have the same birthday in January and this is the first time we’ve been able to have lunch together to celebrate, 7 months late, but better late then never. We went to Italian Garden on Custer. It was freezing in there, but the food was good, and the company even better.

I came home, prepared two large containers of chocolate dipped strawberries, and took a little nap. I had to rest up before going out to dinner. Miles to go before I rest. Helene invited a few ladies over for dinner to celebrate her new apartment. We have the nicest girlfriends.

Driving home after a lovely dinner, sharing stories, and laughing, the moon was just glorious up there in the evening sky.

Happy Tuesday, my friends.

Montage Monday:) A Week In A Peek

16 Jul

“There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.”

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt


A wonderful week here in north Texas. It’s gettin’ hot, but it is Texas, after all. No standing still, always keeping busy and moving forward.

A week in a peek…