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Tuesday and Twilight Treasures

27 May

“Mine is the sultry sunset when the skiesTremble with strange, intolerable thunder:

And at the dead of an hushed night, these eyes

Draw down the soaring oracles winged with wonder” 

― Lionel Johnson


Rain, rain, go away. I cannot walk or go and play. 

I’ve been trying to sneak in a walk here and there, between the raindrops and deluge downpours. Yesterday, after my kickboxing class at the YMCA, I attempted a walk, but a half hour into my rhythm, the skies opened up. I scurried home, put on a book on tape to listen to, and vegged until evening. I planned to be a complete couch potato for the rest of the day.

But, around 7:30 pm, my friend Lynne texted and asked if I wanted to join her for a walk. (She was going stir crazy, too.) I had been sitting in my dark house and assumed it was still raining. I opened the front door, and to my amazement, it was cloudy, but the sun was trying to break through. So, I whipped on my gym shoes and drove over to Lynne’s for a long leisurely evening walk. The sun was setting and painted the sky with twilight treasures.


There are so many beautiful sights right in your own back yard. Well, maybe not your yard, but someone’s back yard.