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Friday:) Friends, Fun Music, and (Yep) More Firemen)

10 Nov

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”



Wow! Woke up to chilly weather, and had to bundle up to take Bella for a walk. Ok, I know youse guys (Chicago talk) up North got snow, but this is Texas, for goodness sakes. But, that doesn’t slow me down. I enjoyed the challenge. The vibrant fall colored leaves were scattered on the sidewalks as I walked.

I was looking forward to dinner and a concert with my Single Mingle friends tonight. But first, a stop at the fire station. I had a few brownies left and Miss Pat said I could take the leftover cookies from karaoke over to “my firemen.”

Our group met at Mellow Mushroom for dinner.

Then, over to MPAC for the concert Red, White and Big Band, featuring the McKinney Dance Band and the Swazzy Singers. They were honoring veterans with patriotic music and big band music of the different eras gone by.


It was a fun day, and a great evening. Music always brightens my soul.

Theme Song Thursday:) “Bluebird” Cottage Cafe

26 Oct

“Birds fly Over The Rainbow. Why then, oh why can’t I? If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why oh why can’t I?”

L. Frank Baum


Sherri Murphy and I zipped past a little cottage cafe on Lake Forrest in the middle of nowhere a couple of weeks ago on our way home from Meyers Event Center. We decided we would have to check it out. Today was the day.

We found some advertising and comments from the Bluebird Cottage and Cafe on Facebook and it looked so cute. They showed yummy homemade desserts and Paninis and salads.

Sherri and I decided to try it today, and I asked Lynne if she wanted to join us. She suggested we check with Sherry and Karen, and low and behold, all the TOTS were available last minute for lunch. Yay!

Sabrina Parker, our waitress, hostess, and owner was so enthusiastic about her new place. She described how it was really an old dream. After years of dreaming of opening her own cafe, her dream finally came true.

I had a wonderful grilled veggie panini and quinoa salad. Then… to try all the desserts! We each got different desserts and sampled some of each. All great!

There was just one drawback. I ate tooooo much, but loved every bite. It was worth it. ( I took a long walk when I got home.)

We al gave it a FIVE THUMBS UP. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Saturday:) Still Time to See Silky Hart’s Exhibit at The Cove

22 Sep

β€œLife is the ultimate artistic masterpiece, and it’s up to you, the creator, to make it as wildly dazzling as possible.”

― Laura Resau


Last night was the opening reception of Silky Hart’s exhibit at The Cove entitled OAXACA FIESTA.

Yesterday, I had brownies in the oven, anticipating the exhibit, when the skies opened up. It was raining and storming, lightning flashing in the sky. My weather alert on my phone sounded flood advisory. So, I did what any good friend would do. I wrapped up the brownies in layers of plastic, grabbed a raincoat and very carefully and slowly worked my way to The Cove. The streets were already filling with streams of rain. Well worth the effort. It is a lovely, colorful exhibit.

The Cove is located just north of the historic McKinney Square at 402 N. Tennessee St. in McKinney, Tx

You can also check out her work and get more information at silkyhart.com

Friday:) Fantasy and Fun With Kim Guthrie and Her Magical Mice

15 Sep

β€œWhen the mouse laughs at the cat, there’s a hole nearby.”

― Nigerian Proverb


This weekend there’s a wonderful art show at The Cove, featuring my friend Kim Guthrie and her magical mice. The Cove is located at 402 N. Tennessee St. just north of the square. Kim’s paper mache, paintings, sculptures, and whimsical satires with a MOUSE theme are so cute. The best way to describe the quirky show is by sharing a sneak peek…

The show dates and times are Friday and Saturday Sept. 14-15 from 6-9, and Sunday from 2-4.

If you’re in the area, stop by and check it out. If not, lookup http://www.kimguthrieart.com She has some amazing wearables, prints, and products with original artworks available. You’ll be glad you did.

Tuesday:) 9/11 Time to Reflect and Remember

11 Sep

“On this tragic day in our country’s history, let’s honor those who lost their lives, and those who sacrificed their lives helping others, by coming together, not falling apart.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


“United we stand, together we fall.”

~ Aesop


This grey and drizzly morning was the perfect backdrop for the September 11th Day of Remembrance ceremony at the Conference Center at Collin College.

Young students from McKinney Christian Academy and the A Capella Choir from McKinney Boyd H.S. Paid tribute with beautiful patriotic songs.

Fire Chief Danny Kistner spoke of the sacrifices of so many, not only then, but now.

Ron Castro, retired NYPD Detective, currently a Sgt. with Prosper P.D., shared his first hand experiences of being involved with the tragedy on that fateful day.

Gus Cabarcus, retired NYPD Sergeant, also shared his personal experiences. As his voice quivered with emotional detail, many eyes in the audience had uncontrolled tears slip down their faces, as did mine.

McKinney Mayor George Fuller expressed it best when he said that we need to remember that tragic day, and how our country came together in support of one another. We need to see ourselves NOT as Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, or Liberals, but only as Americans, first and foremost.

Bells were tolled and Taps was played. Bagpipes played Amazing Grace.

Endless names of people who lost their lives that day scrolled continuously down a large overhead screen during the entire event, reminding us that life is precious and fleeting.

After songs were sung, tributes were said, and tears were shed, only one thing holds true. We live in a great country. Let’s always remember………

Saturday at the Collin County History Museum

25 Aug

“History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, however, if faced with courage, need not be lived again.”

~Maya Angelou


This afternoon, my sister and I visited the Collin County History Museum just off the square in downtown McKinney. The historic museum is located at 300 East Virginia Street in McKinney.


The historic building is featuring an exhibit observing the 100th anniversary of America’s entry into World War I. There were scrapbooks filled with photos of local men serving in the war. Vintage uniforms, weapons, photos, letters, and other memorabilia, were displayed throughout.

I was impressed by the posters that encouraged citizens to voluntarily reduce their consumption of vital foods and supplies to help support the military fighting in the war. And they did!

I wondered how our materialistic, self-absorbed society would handle such a request in today’s day and age. I’m not optimistic.

It was a very informative and inspiring visit. A flashback into days gone by and a simpler time and place here in North Texas.We can only dream of a future without wars and hate. Can we learn from history or just repeat it?

Wednesday:) Words of Wisdom~ The Library

15 Aug


A refuge for the weary heart

Where words whisk you away

To castles in Medieval times

Where boys and dragons play.

In books we can escape the world

Make all our dreams come true

No matter what you’re searching for

There is a book for you.

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Monday, after a busy day of running around, baking brownies, stopping at the fire station, going to the Senior Center dance and lunch, getting my vehicle inspection at the Honda dealer, stopping at Towne Creek with more donations from Miss Pat for their auction, I actually had about an hour free before the McKinney Creative Community Potluck at The Cove. Wow! I sure can squeeze in a lot in one day.

The Cove just so happens to be across the street from the McKinney Library. I haven’t been to the library in months, so I decided that this gloomy rainy evening called for the wonderful magic of words and pictures on the page. I’m an artist and a writer, so I have the need to touch the glossy paper pages, and admire each illustration and photo. A feast for the eye and soul. I love the library!

Of course, being a goof, I needed to take a selfie in the stacks of shelves. I sat in a comfy chair with a huge pile of art books, and skimmed and peruse and admired and got a few ideas for projects that I’ll never get to. Thus, the dreams.

I love the sculpture they have outside on the bench. If it wasn’t raining, I would have joined the old man and the young boy, entranced in the wonder of words.