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Wednesday:) What’s New In McKinney

27 Sep

“It is only when the mind is free from the old that it meets everything anew, and in that there is joy.”

― Krishnamurti


This morning at 10, the McKinney Chamber of Commerce welcomed a fun new eatery on the square with an official ribbon cutting ceremony.

THE YARD is a new family friendly restaurant located on Church Street on the Square. Well, it’s not actually brand new. It’s located where Cafe Malaga used to be. The huge open courtyard has been transformed into an outdoor seating area and playground with picnic tables, fire pits, ping pong tables and children’s play area.

So, if you’re looking for a fun new place to hang out with family or friends, I think THE YARD is a great place to be. Check it out.

Saturday:) Strolling and Sitting Around the Square

28 Jul

“Walking . . . is how the body measures itself against the earth.”

Rebecca Solnit


A few of my CRHP sisters decided to have an impromptu coffee/Bible/shopping meeting this morning on the Square. Jamie invited the group to join her at Snug at 8 am to discuss this weekends’ Gospel readings, then walk over to the farmer’s market.

Well, 8 am is pretty early for me, especially since I rarely get to bed before 2 am. Last night, I went to bed early, around 1:30. When the alarm went off at 6:45, I didn’t groan or hit the snooze button, I jumped up and fed the dog, got dressed, took Bella for a long walk, and still had time to check my email for a few minutes.

There were just four of us, but that made for a cozier discussion. I plum forgot to take a group picture. Hmm? I must be slipping. After we discussed the readings, talked about families, and shared our thoughts, we strolled a few blocks over to the farmer’s market. (I remembered to take pictures.)

The colorful homegrown fruit and vegetable were very tempting. Most of the vendors had samples of their wares. My first stop was the Tamale Company booth. I’ve been on the search for a delicious homemade tasting tamal, like my mom and dad used to make. That will never be achieved, but I’m still on the quest. I just bought half a dozen chicken to check it out. I’ll let you know.

But, one thing I’m sure of is, the world’s best salsas. My dear friends, David and Michele Bernard have been making this sumptuous salsa for years, and started selling their yummy concoctions to the public. They are currently finalists in the H-E-B Quest for Texas Best in the salsa contest. Their charming son, Chase, was selling salsa like “hot cakes,” forgive the pun. “Hi Chase!”

Around the corner, I ran into my friend Leslie Luscombe, from Luscombe Farms in Anna, TX. Seeing as I was already on a Mexican food theme, I bought a jar of jalepeño peach jelly. This is divine mixed with softened cream cheese on crackers.

The quaint Square atmosphere would not be complete without a visit with the McKinney Mounted Patrol. Officer John and Ontario were appreciative of the partly cloudy skies and a shady tree. The visitors and children always love petting Ontario’s friendly nose. I know, I did.

After the farmer’s market, I stopped at Sweet Spot Bakery to visit with Miss Elizabeth and Kaylyn.

The McKinney Square is not just a quaint friendly place to visit, it’s a fun place with endless friends, fine food, and unique shopping. Gotta love McKinney!

Saturday on the Square:) My Little Town

10 Jun

“There may be no secrets in small towns, but there are no strangers either.”

R.A. Mathis


McKinney feels like a little town when you are walking around the charming Square. The city itself is busting at the seams with growth. But, I still love my little town.

In the 2010 census, the city’s population was 131,117, making it Texas’s 19th-most populous city. The most recent population estimate, produced by the city as of January 1, 2018, is 179,804. As of May 2017, McKinney City was the third-fastest-growing city in the United States.

I spent the afternoon with my friend, Loretta. We went to a movie at the old McKinney 14 theater in the afternoon, (that’s for another day) then went over to the square for the Second Saturday.

We were so lucky to find a parking spot in the first lot right away. That alone was a miracle. Our first stop was to visit with Kathy, Elizabeth, and Kaylyn at Sweet Spot Bakery. Ice cream and iced tea on a hot day was perfect.

We sat and chatted and shared stories. Then, back out into the heat to check out the artists and musicians dotted along the Square.

Loretta and Annie became fast friends, with so many mutual interests and mutual friends.

As we walked around, we ran into other friends, and enjoyed checking out the artwork and music along the way.

Kim Guthrie, always among the talented artists displaying her work.

Unfortunately, with all the hustle-bustle and searching for parking, there was a car accident on the corner. It looks like no one was hurt, just a couple of banged up cars.

Our last stop was a few blocks away at The Cove. There was a special event called “Space, Time & Love: The 3 Dimensions of Life.” Featuring the paintings and music of Steven Wright.

I drove Loretta back to her car back at the theater, then home. It was a very busy fun Saturday.

Saturday:) Some Reasons Why McKinney Rocks

29 Apr

“Rock ‘n’ Roll might not solve your problems, but it does let you dance all over them.”

PETE TOWNSHEND, attributed


Friday night, my friend, Linda Grossman, World’s Greatest Realtor, invited me to a fun concert at the Guitar Sanctuary in Stonebridge. A nice ending to a very busy day.

4/27/18 – Andy Timmons & Jennifer Batten

The Guitar Sanctuary presented an evening of Virtuoso Guitar with Andy Timmons, Jennifer Batten, and friends at The Sanctuary Music & Events Center on Friday


Today was a beautiful day. I went out and walked two hours this afternoon. The neighborhood was having a sub-division garage sale. I checked put a few, but I only found one glass vase for a dollar. Will power.

Then, off to the Square to check out the art show at The Cove. My friend, Don Simmons, had a one man show, displaying his amazing photography. Don has the most amazing and instinctive eye for detail, color, composition, and nostalgia.

Then, another fun music venue this evening on the Square at Cadillac Pizza Pub. Maylee and the Mayor were rockin’ the house. Our own Mayor of McKinney, George Fuller, is part of an awesome rock ‘n roll band that performs at many local venues. Maylee has a combination voice of Janice Joplin, sprinkled with Tina Turner, and an angelic gospel singer.


Mckinney certainly rocks…and rolls.

Saturday:) On the Square and Elswhere

15 Apr

“We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and that love comes with community.”

Dorothy Day


This morning, my friend, and “World’s Greatest Realtor,” Linda Grossman, invited some friends to join her volunteering at PSA McKinney, handing out flyers and promoting LOVE LIFE FOUNDATION. There is a fun run/walk coming up next Saturday at Adriatica to support this worthy cause.

Maylee Thomas

What We Do

Our Mission

To further expose the plight of “at risk” women and children in our community and beyond by promoting awareness in our neighbors, family and friends, encouraging their generosity and inspiring them to become involved.  To provide support, aid and hope to help these innocent victims learn how to love life.

A Few of Our Beneficiaries:

• Casa

• Collin County Children’s Advocacy Center

• Genesis Room

• Hope’s Door

• McKinney ISD

• The Rainbow Room

• The Samaritan Inn

Me, Linda, Loretta and Julie.

After our time volunteering, we scooted over to the Square for ARTS IN BLOOM festivities. This three day festival features fine artists, fun food and drinks, festive music, and more. The best part for me was running into friends on the Square and visiting with many of my artist friends.

Jenni Tomlinson, amazing artist and good friend.

Lynda Kingsley had her beautiful watercolors and resin tiles.

So many friends, so little time. Hi, Miss Annie Royer.

Brad Donaldson displayed rows and rows of his amazing resin artwork pieces, furniture and paintings.

Lisa Labarge is a phenomenal potter. I really need to take some classes. Such amazing work.

Leslie Ortega and her clever and whimsical pet portraits.

There were dozens and dozens of other booths and tents and friends to see.

Linda and I got to talking to this young man, Clay. He was helping his family at their booth. Linda said the olde fashioned soda was amazing, so we had to try some. It was. We chatted with Clay and told him about some of the cool arts and music venues in McKinney. He’s a musician by night and a mortgage banker for his day job that pays the bills. He’d like to venture out more with his singing. I told him that maybe he should sing his mortgage quotes and serenade his customers, then he could have the best of both worlds. Hmm…I don’t think he’s going to try it. Couldn’t hurt, though.

After a LONG day of fun in McKinney, the four amigas stopped for some refreshments at Lone Star Wine Cellars, where we bumped into another group of friends.

You’ve gotta love your community, because it always loves you back.

Saturday:) Celebrating on the Square

26 Nov

“Holidays are about experiences and people, and tuning into what you feel like doing at that moment. Enjoy not having to look at a watch.”

~Evelyn Glennie


McKinney is celebrating Home for the Holidays this weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The weekend after Thanksgiving is the designated event, starting Friday evening with the tree lighting ceremony. Friends, families, neighbors and visitors strolled around the square with music playing, a carousel, ferris wheel, artists, games, petting zoo and more. The weather was perfect and so is McKinney.

The Grinch didn’t steal Christmas, he shared the spirit and joy with all the visitors.

Always fun bumping into friends, and friendly police officers.

Saturday on the Square, and Some Other Stuff

29 Oct

“When you are joyful, when you say yes to life and have fun and project positivity all around you, you become a sun in the center of every constellation, and people want to be near you.” ― Shannon L. Alder


It started out being a slow sleepy Saturday. But, once I got moving, it was a super fun day of shopping, sales, friends, art, and spooky stuff.

I began with a trip to one of my favorite places, Michael’s Craft Store. I had a 60% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket. I bought glitter. (Of course you did, you’re saying to yourself.) I also bought a cart load of other things on sale. 

My next stop was Winco. I haven’t been there in ages, but I got an add in the mail and decided to check it out. Oh my…too many good sales. Gala apples only 68 cents a  pound! Crazy! Brownie mix 88 cents! Be still, my heart. I even bought a bunch of canned goods for the little local free food pantry. Another cart load of items to squeeze into my car.

I haven’t roamed around the Square for a while, so I drifted off in that direction. It was a little chilly, so it wasn’t too crowded and I easily found a parking spot in one of the lots. 

My first stop was Sweet Spot Bakery. I tapped by the back door, and Miss Kathy unlatched the screen door saying, “Back door friends are the best.” I was shocked because she was decorating cookies. She always says she’d rather leave all that to Elizabeth, the baker, but she was doing a pretty good job. We chatted a while and caught up on the latest. Tonight was the Ghost Tour, so they were staying open late. 

As I worked my way down the street, I heard a familiar voice calling me from a distance. Yay! My friend Sherri! She was selling tickets and organizing volunteers for the Ghost Tour. Always good to see Miss Sherri.

We walked around and listened to some of the volunteers dressed in old time costumes, talking about local ghost sitings and stories.

Elizabeth and Kathy over at Sweet Spot were also on the Ghost Tour. Their shop has been frequented by a very determined female ghost who likes to rearrange furniture and throw things around occasionally. They just ignore her and go about their business.
Governor Throckmorton was pointing one way, but I was going the other way. Still directionally challenged. Plus, I don’t take orders well. I’m so confused.

It was getting late and dark and I still hadn’t eaten anything all day, but I wanted to stop at The Cove Art Gallery to see my friend, Leslee Ortega’s art show. I also bumped into a few other artist friends.

Leslee paints the cutest animal portraits, and also teaches classes on painting your own pet. They are colorful and funky and fun, kinda like Leslee.

It was a very fun-filled Saturday. I drove home, put away my groceries and finally got around to fixing a frozen pizza for dinner. Well, I actually took the time to bake it. I didn’t eat it frozen, although tempted. Yep! A good day!

Saturday:) Some Special Happennings on the Square

8 Oct

“If I was any luckier, I’d be a little green leprechaun.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Yesterday was a fun day. We had our birthday party for Miss Bonnie at Towne Creek, then afterwards, I met some friends at MPAC, McKinney Performing Arts Center. We attended the free concert with Maylee and the Mayor. When we arrived, there were free t-shirts at each seat promoting the voteyourmainstreet.org. We each received a raffle ticket for prizes provided by local merchants, restaurants, and services.

Well, to make a long story short, when they called 137, for the best prize of all, it was ME! Yay! It was called the Romance Package. A night at the romantic Grand Hotel, complete four course dinner for two at Rick’s Chop House, (the finest and my favorite restaurant in town) a bottle of champagne and a half dozen chocolate covered strawberries. Cool! My lucky day. My neighbors won the salsa/barbecue sauce basket and offered to trade. Nah!

It was a great concert. Maylee is an awesome singer and George Fuller, our own guitar slinging Mayor, was accompanied by John Christopher Davis. They all rocked the house. My ears are still ringing.

Mayor George Fuller and his wife, Maylee Thomas.

Maylee and John Christopher Davis.

The City of McKinney offers  so many fun events throughout the year. We live in a great town with some great people. 

Spectacular Saturday on the Square:) Art, Food, Music and More

10 Sep

“Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.  ”

~Andre Gide


Well, today was ANNE ROYER’s art show reception at The Martin Place. It was a full house of friends, artists, and visitors, all there to pay homage to a fantastic artist. My good friend, Miss Annie, has been a quiet, behind the scenes McKinney fine arts catalyst for many years. Her work is amazing and will be on exhibit through Sept. 30th.

The Seasons Sacred, and other works on paper by Anne Royer

September 9- September 30, 2017

Opening Reception, Sept. 9, 6-9pm, with artist talk at 7pm

The Martin Place : 1799 N. Graves St. McKinney, Texas

In this collection of works on paper, Royer creates visual metaphors of sacred narratives using liturgical colors and abstract forms. No color, no edge is without intention, yet her dialogue with the paint creates layers unexpected. 

“We walk among the seen and unseen in the Eternal Now.”

It’s Second Saturday on the Square, so I scooted over to check out the 3rd Anniversay Celbration at the LAST ART GALLERY on Louisiana. Also, several friends exhibiting artwork and celebrating the anniversary.

Steve, Alex, and Minda Macias. A fabulous family of potters.

Brad Donaldson creates amazing abstract resin art pieces ranging in sizes from 10 by 10 to gynormously huge. And Lynda Kingsley has many talented art hats, using alcohol inks, resi, watercolor, and teaches classes in her beautiful studio in the historic district. 

The Square was hopping tonight, live music filtering out from the many restaurants and wine bars. The weather was too perfect to stay home.

Lone Star Wine Cellars always has live entertainment on the weekends, and a nice quiet place to visit with friends and sip fine wine.

On my way back to my car, I stopped to chat with Jessie, who was driving around the square offering rides in the McKinney business sponsored free taxi. I think it was too nice of a night, and everyone wanted to walk around, enjoying the cool evening.

This is how I spend a spectacular Saturday on the Square in McKinney.

A Steamy Saturday On The Square

23 Jul

“If you seek creative ideas go walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes fora walk.” 

― Raymond I. Myers


It was REALLY HOT today, but I was tired of being cooped up in the house, so I headed over to the Square. That’s my happy feel-good place. 

My first stop was a visit to Sweet Spot Bakery. Miss Elizabeth was working on a beautiful wedding cake. Why didn’t I take a picture? Here’s a sample.

I walked over to the Little Free Pantry outside of Hugs Cafe and added some canned goods. It’s looking pretty empty. If you have some things to share, stop by and drop them off. Of course, you kinda have to live near McKinney. 

Right next door is Bay Willow Design. The owner, and my friend Jenny, was busy creating a wonderful hat, and there was a workshop going on. Ladies making and spdesigning their own hats.

Jill was working on a clothing project using vintage fabric and original patterns.

Now, for my favorite visit to The Cove, a wonderful art gallery a few blocks away. This week, they were featuring several local potters and ceramic artists. 

My friends Steve, and his daughter Alex were there. Both fabulous potters, but Minda, Steve’s talented wife was out of town, so they created a paper plate face called, FLAT MINDA. This way friends could take selfies with her at the reception.

Steve, Minda, and me. We had a nice visit, and I found several beautiful pieces that will soon be decorating my house. 

When I went back to my car, hmmm….I think someone hid one of those cute painted rocks in a pretty obvious spot.

A nice day on the Square in McKinney.