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Montage Monday:) A Week In A Peek

23 Jul

“Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.”

― Anthony G. Oettinger

(I thought this was funny, but it took me a couple of seconds to get it.)


Another fine week filled with good friends, good food, and lots of other stuff.

Wednesday Road Trip With Sherri

10 Jul

“Spontaneous last minute, hurry up and put your shoes on road trips with friends are the best.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


This morning at 8:56, I got a text from Sherri Murphy saying, “Good morning. Are you up? Want to play today? Trip to Buc-ee’s and lunch somewhere?” Well, she knows me pretty well and knows I don’t get up early unless I have Zumba or church or something important. I was just starting to clean the bathroom at 1:30 am. I am a night owl, so I was still in bed at 8:56.

I texted her back that I could be ready in an hour. I just needed to wake up, get dressed, and feed and walk the dog. She’d been talking about taking me on a road trip to Buc-ee’s ever since I said, “What the heck is Buc-ee’s? So, off we went.

I was thinking a long road trip. I didn’t know where we were going and our last road trip was almost a three hour drive in the pouring rain. I was all set to pack a lunch and take emergency water, but she said it wasn’t too far, just up in Melissa. ??? We were there in ten minutes.

My first trip to a Buc-ee’s. I guess it’s a combination rest stop, truck stop, diner, gift shop, souvenir city, and massive retail store with a strange beaver in a red hat for a mascot.

when you first walk in the door, you are greeted with a friendly “welcome to Buc-ees,” so I threw open my arms and shouted, “It’s my first time.” A few strange looks, but that’s ok. I had trouble decided amongst the hundreds of t-shirts on display. I decided on this one. (Just in case anyone wonders where I live.)

Then I was mesmerized by all the colorful souvenirs, gifts, novelties, etc.

Oh, and food, sandwiches, tacos, and drinks as far as the eye could see. Fudge!! Dozens of flavors of homemade fudge. Be still my heart.

We had a great time just walking up and down the aisles, soaking in all the colors and acting silly.

I found a beautiful cross with the perfect quote for my cross collection.

After a couple of hours of Buc-ee’s sensory overload, we were ready to check out. The man behind me was showing his wife a silly shirt with Bob Ross (the artist) all over it. I commented that it was cute and asked if he was an artist. He said, as a matter of fact, he was a painter. We chatted a few seconds and he said they lived in McKinney. I told him that he should stop in at McKinney Creative Community on the second Monday of the month at the Cove. He said he actually went once, a while back. I gave him one of my card ps and said to look me up on Facebook. Of course, I had to take a selfie.

I didn’t get their names, but I got a picture. Anyone know who he is? He’s an artist. From his t-shirt, I don’t think he knew either, or he wasn’t telling, and he wants us to “GUESS?”

Fun adventure and road trip with Sherri Murphy to Buc-ee’s. Then, off to Taqueria Hernandez off the square for lunch. Yum! Gorditas and tacos.

Have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY my friends!

Wednesday:) Words of Wisdom From Facebook

26 Jun

“All the wisdom and wonderful quotes on life I’ve learned on Facebook… just today. Really! Ha!”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I am a self-confessed Facebook addict. Do they have a support group for that? Maybe I should start one on Facebook. Ha! My favorite part is keeping up with friends and relatives, and photos of new babies and old grandmas, and long lost cousins in China, (Hi Michael), and don’t even get me started on the fantastic artwork posted by my artist friends.

Then, there are those great quotes and words of wisdom. So many of them speak out to me, and I tend to answer back. Today, I decided to glean and copy a few of my favorites that I read just today. (I have a lot of deep friends.)

There were so many that I put 4 in a collage, times 4, with my own personal reply or thought that I had when I read each one. I’m sure you might have a comment or two of your own. Feel free…

That’s a lot of wisdom for just one day. Isn’t it?

The post that touched my heart the deepest was this one, and I had quite a few people comment on this. All my friends and family know that after being with the man that I loved for over 43 years, that he was able to walk away five years ago without so much as a single word, and now I am just a stranger to him. I commented that there was nothing stranger than that. Now, that’s pretty sad!

But, the other quotes above are true. I’m writing new chapters, I’m on plan Q in the alphabet, and God has provided many Angels along my path. And, now that I’ve walked through Hell, I walk like I own the place.

Happy Wednesday, my friends.

Theme Song Thursday:) “Busy Doing Nothing.”

13 Jun

“I am so busy doing nothing… that the idea of doing anything – which as you know, always leads to something – cuts into the nothing and then forces me to have to drop everything.”

― Jerry Seinfeld


“I don’t need to take a spin class. I burn a lot of calories just spinning my wheels, wasting the day, and getting nowhere fast.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Wow! What a perfect quote for my day. Well, also pretty much all my days. I spin my wheels and get a lot of nothing done. But, in my defense, I think about all the things I should be doing and sometimes even make a list, of course, I don’t do any of those things.

I did go for a walk this morning, and I stopped and took little Bella for a walk. I was going to vacuum today, but I’ll have her again for a few days and it’s kinda silly to vacuum up dog hair when she’ll just be contributing again.

I lose track of what day it is sometimes when I’m busy doing nothing. Monday was all that cooking and baking, then I went to the dance at 1. When I got home, made more sandwiches and went to McKinney Creative Community.

I wanted to tell you about that. We had a wonderful pot luck gathering at The Cove, with many friends, and our guest speaker was Erin Neilson. She is a fabulous artist and illustrator. She described how she got started as an artist and her passion for illustration.p, and a few tips and tricks of the trade. The best part was, she shared with us how anyone with enough determination and perseverance should be able to achieve their dreams. Very inspirational.

We are truly blessed here in McKinney with such talented artists, writers, teachers, musicians and creative souls who are willing to share their gifts with the community. Thank you Erin!

Tuesday, I had dinner and too much wine with an award winning, talented, creative, and all around fun lady and author, Allison Bottke. We sat in her beautiful backyard, sipped wine, and discussed the world, love, life and the pursuit of happiness.

Yesterday, I had breakfast and visiting with the JULIETs …Just Us Ladies Into Everything Together. Then, I stopped and bought some plants and misc. stuff I didn’t need at Walmart. A quick walk, then off to church for our St. Helen’s Divorced and Separated Support Group. Again, another day without accomplishing anything productive.

Today, I did start a painting project, but it’s going to take several days to complete. It’s a surprise birthday gift for Mr. Jerry. So, now my hands are covered in Enamel paint, and I need to grab a quick shower before I run over to karaoke at Delaney’s. Helene called me and asked if I’d come early so she could buy me dinner. Well, who can pass up a free dinner?

(Sneak peak at what I’m working on. This is the before…stay tuned for the after.)

Maybe I should sing “Busy Doing Nothing” tonight at karaoke. What do you think?

Wednesday:) What’s Cookin’ Miss Toni?

13 Jun

“Recipes? I don’t need no stinkin’ recipes.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


If you know me, you know I love to cook and bake. You may also know that I am incapable of cooking or baking for one, or two, or three. I cook massive quantiles and give most, if not all, away. I’ll just get a notion, and look in the over flowing Pantry or freezer for inspiration, then have at it.

A couple weeks ago it was pasta. Three pounds of pasta and eight containers later, I ended up giving it all away. I didn’t even save a meal of it for myself, mostly because I kept going out to lunch or dinner, and never ate at home.

This week it was egg salad. I wanted to make sandwiches for the pot luck for the senior center country dance, and some for the pot luck for McKinney Creative Community. Both were on Monday. So…eggs were on sale. When life gives you eggs on sale, you make egg salad, and lots of it.

So, it was Sunday night around 1 am, actually Monday morning, when I decided to boil the 20 eggs and start the adventure. I’m a night owl. After boiling a long time, I don’t time them, I just fool around on Facebook, check emails, and when it seems like they’ve been bubbling around a long time, I turn off the stove. By now, it was 1:30, so I drained, rinsed in cold water, then threw in a big pitcher full of ice cubes, so I could put them in the fridge and go to sleep. They cooled off fast, but a couple of the shells had started to crack. When I peeled those two, they peeled so easily, that I decided to peel all 20, then go to bed.

Monday morning, I got up around 8 am, I went to Zumba, then came home to make the egg salad before the dance.

I softened a package of cream cheese and added some Miracle Whip. The jar was almost empty, so I added some Mayo. I don’t measure. Added salt, pepper, and lots of garlic powder. I chopped about 1/4 onion. But, I don’t like raw onion, so I nuked it about 2 minutes and threw that in. I chopped up the 20 eggs and added that. It was kinda dry, so I added another scoop of mayo. Then, I made the sandwiches. Each loaf of bread made 12 sandwiches, which I quartered to look pretty and for easier eating. Also, we get up to 100 people at the dance. I made the second tray later when I got home from the dance. I just barely had time to make the sandwiches before running off to The Cove for Creative Community at 5:30.

I also baked a fruit upside down cake, but that’s another non-recipe and another story for another day. I’m making you hungry, aren’t I? Well, have a good one. 🙋

Tuesday:) Tipsy Times And A Special Friend

12 Jun

“I have an intoxication of life that goes beyond any drink.”

― Anthony T. Hincks


What a wonderful lazy day. Sue texted last night that she didn’t feel up to going to Zumba this morning, (Thank goodness!) so I didn’t set my alarm for 7 am. We went yesterday and Lorelei was subbing for the 10:30 class, oh my, I thought I was going to need a medivac unit. I didn’t roll out of bed till 10am this morning, Wonderful!

I fed and walked the dog through the park and around the pond, then went for my solo long walk. I put in 5.5 miles total today. Not bad. My new friend and neighbor, Allison, had invited me over for dinner today, so I stayed close to home, trying to get some chores done. Needless to say, that didn’t happen. I walked the dog a few more times, watched some Jeopardy and wasted away the entire day.

Allison had shown me this very talk clear glass cylinder a few weeks ago, that she was going to make into a bird bath, and I told her that I’d love to paint some flowers on it. So I did. She gave me a plate with an example of what she might like for the flowers. I love a challenge.

This is what the blank slate looked like, about 36 inches tall. I was a little nervous, but once I got going, mixing colors and adding vines and such, it was fun.

So, when I called Allison today and told her it was finished, she invited me over for dinner and wine and sitting out in her gorgeous backyard. I drove the large vase over. She laughed when I told her that I was going to drive back home, park my car, then walk over for dinner. I DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! Never, not even the three blocks to her house.

She set the glass bowl fixture that would be the bird bath on top, with the plate to see how it would look in the yard. She was over the moon happy with how it turned out. We sat outside beneath the huge canopied tree, ate salad and quiche and drank white wine. The conversation was funny and stimulating. We both admired her magnificent yard and my beautiful painting of the glass vase. It will make a lovely addition to her eclectic landscape.

As the sun slowly descended, dinner devoured, and the entire bottle of wine diminished, we sat and talked and solved the problems of the world. Not really. But, wouldn’t that be nice. We laughed about if the police were patrolling the neighborhood, and I was walking home a little tipsy, if I could get pulled over for “drunk walking.” In my semi-inebriated state, I concluded that unless I was staggering home with an open container of alcohol, which I was not, that I was probably pretty safe from any illegal activity or impending incarceration.

I must admit, I have the nicest friends. What would life be like without great friends? I certainly never want to find out.

Thursday:) This Old Age Stuff Isn’t Fun

19 Apr

As you get older three things happen. The first is your memory goes, and I can’t remember the other two …

~Norman Wisdom


As I get older, I’m getting more and more forgetful. Can you relate? With modern technology, I can plug in important dates and appointments into my phone calendar, but I don’t always look at my phone. So, I bought one of those white erase boards, but I can’t keep it with me or fit it in my purse. So, I also write notes and reminders on the back of envelopes or old receipts. If it’s something really important, I write it on a sticky note and put it on the fridge. Now, I don’t pick just one of these memory methods. I use them all.

I also leave big reminders around the house. When I need to vacuum, I leave the vacuum in the middle of the room so I basically have to walk around it or trip over it. Sometimes, I remember to vacuum. Other times, I just let it sit there for a few days, then I put it back in the closet. You don’t have to hit me over he head with a hammer…or do you?

Oh, then getting spacey isn’t fun either. Yesterday I baked a frozen pizza in the oven. Well, what part of remove the cardboard before baking did I overlook?

Yep, getting old is not for the weak of heart.