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Wednesday:) What Do Good Catholics Do To Prepare For Holy Week and Easter?

17 Apr

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

― H. Jackson Brown Jr.


Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday. When I went to Mass last Sunday, I received my blessed palms. I like to make a cross out of the palms, but I always forget how. My dear friend Shirley posted the instructions on Facebook on Sunday, so I didn’t have to mess around trying to figure it out on my own. Thanks Shirley.

Now, there are a lot of special things good Catholics are supposed to do during this sacred season. We should be more prayerful, help others, fast, go to confessions, give alms, etc. I found a neat diagram of other ways to prepare and observe Holy Week.

All wonderful ideas and examples. I did make my crosses from my palms, so now, I’m protected from danger.

Now, this is how Miss Toni REALLY prepares for Holy Week and Easter. A picture is worth a thousand words…

I won’t be doing a lot of praying or fasting, but I’ll be doing a lot of baking. My local firemen and neighbors will be happy. They are my “special Peeps.” I’ll keep you posted.