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Saturday:) Sunshine to Rain, Miles to Smiles

2 Dec

“I love coming back home and seeing old friends and family. I would say it keeps me grounded.”

~Coy Bowles


Friday was stormy and rainy, but Saturday morning was sunny and warm. What a great time to leave a gorgeous Dallas day and travel to cold, rainy, stormy Chicago. Really! Family can make the clouds disappear.

I talked to a very nice young soldier at DFW Airport heading home to see family in Indiana after deployment. I shook his hand and thanked him for his service. We chatted a while before boarding. I asked him why he didn’t board first when they called first class and enlisted service personnel. He just humbly commented that he didn’t want any special treatment. I asked if I could take his picture, and said I would keep him in my prayers.

When I boarded the plane and found my seat, a young man in the seat behind helped me get my luggage in the overhead, I guess it pays to be an old lady. When we landed, he said, “I’ll get that down for you, Mam.” Then, to prove that chivalry is not dead, the man in the middle seat next to me was so kind. I asked him if he could reach to turn off the the air that was blasting down on me. He reached up, turned it off and offered me his warm jacket that he had folded on his lap. I took him up n his offer. I was comfy all through the flight.

My son picked me up at the airport. It was pouring rain and tough driving. But all the gray and gloom disappeared when I walked in the door and saw this beautiful face.

Then, those two beautiful words, “Hi Gamma.” That’s what it’s all about. I am very blessed.

Montage Monday:) A Week in a Peek

4 Sep

“Start each day counting your blessings and you will be blessed every day.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


“When you start to do the things that you truly love, it wouldn’t matter whether it is Monday or Friday; you would be so excited to wake up each morning to work on your passions.”

― Edmond Mbiaka


Aren’t those a wonderful quotes? Love what you do and do what you love every day. Start each day counting your blessings and you will be blessed every day.

My days are always blessed. AND! Today we got some well deserved and appreciated rain here in north Texas. I gleefully walked in the rain, occasionally opening my umbrella when the drops were too heavy.

Many people were off from work for Labor Day. It was a good day.

A week in a peek. Friends, family, new friends, old friends, artists, gardens, tall buildings, and my beautiful grand-baby.

Montage Monday:) A Week In A Peek

28 Aug

“I’ve learned that all a person has in life is family and friends. If you lose those, you have nothing, so friends are to be treasured more than anything else in the world.”

Trey Parker And Matt Stone

A week in a peek… Friends, firemen, food, artists, baking, celebrating, museums and appreciating life…

Thursday:) This is the Best Anniversary Celebration Ever

24 Aug

” Friends may come and go, but I’ve been blessed with the kind that keep coming.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Today, August 23rd is the second of my miracle celebration days. I had three, and only three days on the calendar that were painful memories from the past. I wrote about the first, 7/11 in July. August 23rd was the day that I moved into my brand new house and started my brand new life after a very devastating and painful divorce. What are the chances of this happening on this particular day? I got married on August 23, 1975. It seems like a lifetime ago, probably because it was.

I moved into my new house August 23rd, 2014, just three days after the final divorce decree. Now, I celebrate the anniversary of my new house and brand new start with so many of my special and wonderful friends. My sister was also here to celebrate with me. As the years fly by, I’ve made even more great friends. This year, several of my new sweet CRHP sister from church visited. It’s God’s way of turning lemons into lemonade, and I will celebrate every year and thank Him for His blessings.

The best way to describe this wonderful evening is to just show you the pictures of the best friends a person could ask for.

It was an Open House from 5-10 pm, so people came and went. This is the first round.

More great friends.

More friends. All of these people stopped by to celebrate my journey and blessings, but most of all, just to say, “I love you.”

Friday:) Friends, Funny Faces and More Friendly Firemen

11 Aug

Friends are like walls, sometimes you lean on them and sometimes it’s good just knowing they’re there.


Finally, some rain and relief from the summer heat. I was able to get a nice walk in this morning without the sun baking my skin. Ah, clouds! I love clouds. Then, I had a lunch date with my neighbor, Diane, to celebrate her birthday. We’ve been friends since I moved to my new house four years ago. We look out for each other. That’s what friends are for.

On our way to lunch, we stopped at Fire Station 9 to take some brownies and some of Miss Pat’s cookies. Miss Pat gave me a bunch of cookies to share with our local firemen. She’s such a great baker. We call her the Cookie Lady.

No, we weren’t drinking. This is an old picture. I just wanted to share a picture of sweet Miss Pat.

The guys over at Station 9 appreciated the cookies and brownies. They were just about to have lunch, so dessert was just in time.

Miss Pat’s awesome cookies. Oh, yesterday was karaoke at the VFW, and that’s when she gave me the cookies. I love my karaoke friends. We sing and dance and laugh, and the second Thursday of the month, we have a potluck dinner, so good food.

I have been blessed with so many good friends. Oh, and I’ve been blessed with a weird sense of looking at the world, too.

When I went for my evening walk, I couldn’t help but think of all the wonderful friends and people in my life. Then, I saw a possible face on one of the sprinkler covers in the grass by the pond. With a little imagination and nearby natural embellishment, I created a funny face. Another friendly face in my world.


Saturday:) Somethin’s Bakin’ In the Oven…Again

22 Jul

“Baking is like washing–the results are equally temporary.”

― Patricia Briggs


Well, there’s always something baking in my oven. If it isn’t a dozen hand-painted wine glasses, it’s a zillion cup cakes and brownies. That’s just how I roll. Oops! And that’s how I attained that big roll on my belly. Truth be told, I really don’t eat very many things that I bake. I mostly give it all away. I’m a lot smarter than I look.

Today was another one of those baking marathon days. Our CRHP 28 group from St. Gabriel’s was providing dinner for the women’s retreat today. I signed up for… you guessed it, brownies. We were expecting to serve around 50 ladies, including our group. I thought that maybe brownies alone might be a little boring, so I decided to also make some of my marvelous mini chocolate cupcakes with cherry in the middle.

Of course, since I was baking anyway, it’s just as easy to double the recipe and have some extra to take to my friends at the fire stations.

First, I have to tell you that I always have that warm nostalgic feeling when I take out my ancient harvest gold General Electric mixer. I smile, thinking how Mom gave that to me the summer of 1975. Man! It still works like new. They don’t build them like that anymore.

I made 2 batches of brownies and 72 mini cupcakes. Everybody loves the surprise cherry in the middle and the homemade frosting.

I packed up my containers, 3 to take to church and 1 for station 9 down the road, and 1 for my old friends at station 5. I decided to stop at the fire stations on the way to church. It is sooooo hot outside, the frosting would slip off and liquefy if they stayed in the car more than ten minutes. It was around 108 when I left the house at 5 pm.

Here are a couple of appreciative lads over at the 9.

Then, this young firefighter, Jeff, was so considerate. He asked my name, and where I was from. I said I live up by the Baylor Hospital. He thought maybe I was from an organization. I think he must be new. He doesn’t know Miss Toni, the crazy brownie lady yet. I just told him that I like to bake, and I like to share with the fire fighters. I really appreciate what they do for us all.

Then, off to church. Our CRHP 28 was providing and serving dinner for the retreat. Our theme was Mexican food. I told them my little joke. “Growing up, we just called it food.” Sometimes I get funny looks because no one realizes that I’m Mexican-American.

Oh my goodness! There was so much wonderful food. There were about 50 ladies all together, 14 from our group, 36 on the retreat, and then Father Don stopped by and joined the retreat ladies for dinner. We still had a ton of food left over. Everyone was taking doggie bags home, enjoying the home cooking and specialties of their friends. I didn’t take anything home. Have you seen the inside of my fridge? I ate a huge plate of rice and beans and beef, and nachos and taquitos and guacamole, and more. I was stuffed. Actually, it’s been so hot, this is the first solid food that I’ve eaten since Wednesday. I’ve been living on smoothies, ice water, cold drinks and a Black Russian on Friday.

Here are some of my beautiful CRHP 28 Sisters. We had such a good time cooking, preparing, and serving others. Isn’t that the purpose in life?

I am so blessed to be part of this gorgeous group of sisters.

Thursday:) This Is Just One Month of Brownie Baking

12 Jul

“If you enjoy doing something, make sure to share. The more you care, the more you share.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I’ve got a batch of brownies in the oven as we speak. We are having our monthly pot luck dinner over at the VFW tonight during karaoke. It’s always fun, with a lot of friends, food and fine singing. Ha! I’m exaggerating on the fine singing… my singing…not so great. But, I do enjoy belting out an off-tune tune. I’m either getting better, or the crowd is getting hard of hearing. We’re pretty old. I think it’s the latter.

I was doing a lot of baking the last few weeks, so I decided to save the boxes to see how many batches I actually baked. Wow! That’s a lot of brownies.

That’s a lot of brownies!!!!

I also like to cook. Double whammy. I’m making a huge pot of pasta, mostaccioli. A few neighbors and friends will be the lucky recipients of my over-zealous-compulsive-overachieving crazy cooking frenzy.

I just finished packing up my pasta. A few stops on my way to karaoke. Life is good.