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Quarantined Karaoke Thursday:) “I Just Haven’t Met You Yet.”

7 Aug

“How wonderful it is those people that we meet by chance and invite us to live again.

The memory of them will keep hope alive forever.”

― Mimi Novic


ANOTHER Quarantined Karaoke Thursday, missing friends and fun times. Even I’m getting tired of hearing myself singing in the bathroom. (Good acoustics) I’m a big fan of Michael Bublé and all his songs. That’s my go-to CD in my car. Seriously, the only one. I haven’t changed it in months, maybe years. I know…I’m weird.


It’s almost 10 pm and Joni hasn’t posted Bob’s karaoke song. I hope everyone is OK over there. Here’s a stand-up Bob photo from last week. Missing your tunes tonight on Facebook. 🎤

Wednesday:) When You Miss Your Old Friends

6 Aug

“To reminisce with my old friends, a chance to share some memories, and play our songs again.”

~ Rick Nelson


Helene and I spent quite some time the other day, putting together some awesome goodie bags for our artist friends over at Towne Creek Senior Apartments. I’ve been volunteering teaching art there for over a dozen years. They are like family. Helene has been joining me for quite a while, but we haven’t been able to hold our art class since Valentine’s Day. Crazy Covid!

Each bag contained snacks and drinks that we thought they would enjoy, and some coloring pages, crayons, markers and colored pencils to keep their artistic juices flowing. I was even inspired to write a little poem…that’s what I do when I’m feeling nostalgic.

Kelly, the manager, was kind enough to help us load up a shopping cart and said we could deliver the bags to our friends.

The goodie bags and the brief visits were appreciated by all. You never know what a small act of kindness might mean to someone. Many of these senior residents haven’t left the building in months, so a smiling face, (even under a mask) really meant a lot.

It was a good day to share some smiles, love, and goodwill with old friends.

Friday Night Flights of Fancy

1 Aug

“Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.”

― J.R. Rim


My days are filled with friendship, family and gratitude, and my Friday night always ends with a yummy chocolate ice cream Black Russian. This isolation and pandemic nightmare keeps us apart, but we have technology to keep us connected.

The early afternoon was a little cooler today, after a refreshing late night rain, so I went for a lovely walk around the pond. This beautiful bird was floating around the edge, I think it’s a crane? It made me think how lucky he is to fly and have that freedom.


A bird in flight, both day and night

What freedom that must bring.

To soar above, to fall in love

And let your heart take wing.

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis ( I just made this up on the spot. Pretty cool, huh?) I love impromptu poetry. How about you? I could write about a shoe. (Rhyme time- and I haven’t even started drinking yet. I’m just silly)

My day was so exciting that I took a nap in the early evening. Not that I was tired, I was just bored and it was hot and muggy. (Now, I’ll be up all night.)

But, it’s Friday night and time for my traditional Black Russian Friday.

Cheers, my friends.

Friday:) Honoring a Friend, Traditions, and My Firemen

25 Jul

“Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day.

Unseen, unheard, but always near; still loved, still missed and very dear.”



My cousin Janet is a fine dedicated police officer. She lost a good friend and fellow police officer eight years ago, killed in the line of duty. I haven’t seen my cousin in many years, but we’re family, and I feel her pain. She posted a tribute on Facebook today, so I told her I’d raise a glass tonight in honor of her friend Matt Tyner. It’s National Tequila Day, so “Here’s to you, Matt Tyner.”

Here’s another way to honor those who serve. My friend Jerry mentioned yesterday that he tried to take a big tray of sandwiches that he purchased at the store deli to his local fire station. He drove over there but couldn’t figure out how to contact them to answer the door. He tried the non-emergency number, but no one answered. So, he went home. When I heard that, I said that they probably were on a call. I said that I’d take them over later, as I’d been to Station 5 a zillion times. They were thrilled to receive Jerry Horton’s generous gift. Thanks Jerry!

Originally, I was torn between my Hispanic heritage in honoring National Tequila Day and my traditional Black Russian Friday. So, guess which I chose? You’re right… BOTH. A tequila toast to Officer Matt Tyner and my Black Russian Friday.

Cheers, my friends.

Quarantined Karaoke Thursday:) “Call Me Irresponsible “

24 Jul

“Call me irresponsible, call me unpredictable, call me, really, just call me. I’m going stir Covid Crazy.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Another crazy Quarantined Karaoke Thursday. I’m starting to feel “irresponsible.” So, I’ll sing a duet with my old friend Michael Bublé.

Of course, our good friend Bob, singing Roy Orbison’s “Crying.” Sing it Bobbo!

Friday:) Fiery Hot Texas Days, Friends, and a Fabulous Sunset

18 Jul

“If these Texas days were any hotter, I would think I died and went to the opposite of heaven. Just sayin'”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


It was another scorcher here in North Texas. It was soooo hot, the farmers were feeding their chickens ice chips so they wouldn’t lay hard boiled eggs. (I borrowed that from somewhere?) when I went outside early this evening, around 6, the heat and humidity crushed my chest like an anvil weighing on it. I only stayed out about 15 minutes, and decided to postpone my long walk until right before sunset. That’s my favorite time anyway.

I went to Tom Thumb this afternoon and picked up a few great sale items, which always perks me up. Then, I made some phone calls, and talked to my best friend from back home a while this evening. It was good to catch up. Also, I got to FaceTime with the most adorable granddaughters on the planet. Thank goodness for technology.

I’m sure, like most of you, the extent of your activity and communication these days is done via some electronic device. That’s why it’s good to revel in the beauty of nature once in a while. I need this at least once a day. Here is my sunset from tonight. Yes! Amazing!

I walked 2.2 miles and admired and appreciated every second.

Now, for my Friday night tradition. Black Russian Friday. Cheers, my friends!

Quarantined Karaoke Thursday:) “Close to You”

17 Jul

“Maximize the potential of everyone close to you”

― Sunday Adelaja


Well, it only took me a few months to figure out how to set up my own mini recording studio and use my cool karaoke microphone and record myself singing. Well, the verdict’s not in yet…not sure if I like it. I’ll have to ponder this a while. 🎤

Still missing my karaoke friends, singing, dancing and laughing every Thursday night. Love you guys! ❤️

Then of course, our good friend, Bob Goen, singing to his beautiful wife of 50 years, Joni, “Ebb Tide.” Happy Anniversary!Cheers!🍷🍷

Toni’s Quarantined Karaoke Thursday:) “So Far Away”

10 Jul

“Let me be kind and loving today because tomorrow is far far away.”

― Debasish Mridha


It’s seems like years instead of months since we’ve been together with friends, singing karaoke, dancing, laughing, and drinking. I sure do miss it. Until then, I’ll keep singin’ all by myself. 🤦‍♀️🎤 Oh, that’s a good song, “All By Myself.” Hmm…maybe next week.

Then, of course, our good friend Bob Goen is always beltin’ out an awesome tune from the confines of his lovely karaoke studio just down the road. I can almost hear him from my house. “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.” Open the window, Joni!

Happy Thursday, my friends. I hope you’re singing. 🎤

Tuesday:) Toni’s Time-Lapse Painting Tips

1 Jul

“If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.”

― Edward Hopper


I enjoy painting and making special gifts for friends. Homemade and handmade are always the best and appreciated the most. I also enjoy sharing my painting techniques, tips, and tricks with everyone out there, and I’ve found that people enjoy my time-lapse videos because they are really fast and make me look really talented.

My good friend Jerry had a birthday a few weeks back, and his house is decorated with beautiful African art, carvings, masks and motifs. I’ve painted a few little gifts for him for birthdays before, but I also like to give hand-painted cards. I really like the bright colors of this style, so I decided to share my how-to video.


The background was painted with a makeup sponge held with a clothes pin, starting at the bottom with red, work up to orange and then yellow, not cleaning the sponge. The colors blend well, and the abstract look is fun. I just used a permanent black marker for the designs. It’s fast and easy. Give it a try. You can use any combination of three colors for a cool background, and even use stamps or stencils if free hand drawing scares you a little.

Saturday:) Surprises, Smiles, and Sunflowers

28 Jun

“The very best adventures are not planned. They’re more like a phone call saying, “Put your shoes on, I’m picking you up in half an hour.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


“Advice from a sunflower: Be bright, sunny and positive. Spread seeds of happiness. Rise, shine and hold your head high.”



My dear friend Sherri Murphy is my, “Put your shoes on” kinda friend. Sherri called me today and asked if I wasn’t busy, maybe I’d like to go on adventure. I said, “Let me check my calendar. Hmm? I don’t have anything penciled in until late November.” I love adventures.

Her daughter told her about a magnificent field of sunflowers near Whitewright that wasn’t too far away, and was too beautiful to miss. So, I put my shoes on, and off we went. Kimmie was right.

These photos cannot capture the splendor of these amazing fields of sunflowers, as far as the eye could see. And, there was another field just a little further down the road. We had to stop and take some pictures, of course.

We saw a few other interesting sights along the way.

It was another wonderful impromptu day filled with surprises, sunflowers and lots of smiles. (And friendly goats.)

Happy Saturday, my friends.