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Friday:) Fabulous Food, Friends, and Firemen

12 Jan

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”



After a wonderful birthday celebration with friends yesterday, and celebrating at Bob’s house last night, he was kind enough to send me home with a lot of leftovers to share with my firemen and friends. Miss Loretta’s cake, Miss Pat’s chocolate cake and cookies, and my brownies were perfect to share, so I was able to make up several trays of treats to share.

I took a little plate over to my neighbor Kathy, the little boys across the street who giggled with glee, and my neighbor Diane who watched my house while I was away. Then, I stopped by Fire Station 9 with a large tray.

After that, another stop at Fire Station 2. I hadn’t been there in a while. My treats are always appreciated.

I called Miss Kathy over at Towne Creek and asked if they were getting together for dinner. She said they already had a potluck at lunch time, but she would gather some ladies for an impromptu dinner. They had some leftovers, and she knew that Miss Nelma would love to see me. We had a wonderful friendly feast. Miss Dorothy said a beautiful prayer as we joined hands and thanked God for our many blessings and friendship.

It was a drizzly grey day, I have a cold, sore throats, headache, and laryngitis, but it was a wonderful day. You know why? Because sharing, caring, and friendship always brightens my day. Happy Friday, my friends.

Tuesday:) Toni’s Talkin’ ‘Bout McKinney

11 Jul

“In a town full of smiles, love is surely the mayor.”

Anthony T. Hincks


There is so much to do in my McKinney that I could use a few extra days in the week to do all the things I’d like to do.

Yesterday was Monday. I always share my montage of pictures about my week on Monday. Let me tell you about a few things I did on my McKinney Monday.

I got up and walked for an hour and a half in the Texas heat. (Yep, I’m crazy,) When I got home, sat under the fan, drank ice waters and cooled off for a while, it was time to make the brownies. I always make brownies for our monthly McKinney Creative Community meeting. When I bake, I always make a double batch so I can share with my firemen friends. Before I knew it, was 5 o’clock and time to leave, making a couple of stops on the way.

First, I stopped at Station 9, just down the street. They’re always happy to see me.

Then, I felt guilty that I hadn’t been over to Station 2 for a while, so I stopped by there too.

Then, off to McKinney Creative Community potluck meeting over at The Cove. This is a wonderful networking group of artists, writers, photographers, dancers, milliners, and other creative folks that enjoy getting together to share. We share food, talk about what’s new and good in our lives, and our creative endeavors.

Our guest speaker was the talented Lauren Palmer, the creator and publisher of The Art of Living Beautifully magazine. She shares her love of McKinney and the wonderful people and activities that make up this terrific town.

Lauren told us all about the inspiration and perspiration involved in creating her on-line magazine. She was speaking to a room full of people who could thoroughly relate and feel exactly the same way.

If you’d like to check out her stories and hear a little bit more about McKinney…


I had to leave a little early at 7 to get over to a meeting at St. Peter’s just down the street. But, that’s an entirely other cool story to share about Empty Bowls. I’m saving that for another time.

Another fun busy day in McKinney.

Friday Friends, Fun Art, and More Firemen

7 Jul

“If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that nobody is here forever. You have to live for the moment, each and every day . . . the here, the now.”

Simone Elkeles


My first Friday of the month is my Towne Creek senior artists day. I spent quite a while scouring through my art supplies trying to think of an art project for today. I gathered the art supplies, papers, pens, chalks, twine, dried rose stems, (you’ll see later) punches, etc. Then, gather all the food for the feast, snacks and drinks ready. It’s a lengthy process, but well worth while. Gosh, I still can’t believe that I used to do this every Friday for so many years.

I had everything ready when I decided to call Miss Nelma to see if she’d be there. Oh my. Poor thing has had some serious health issues and we almost lost her. No one called me! A couple of other regular residents have had surgery and illnesses. Miss Nelma said someone was supposed to call me and maybe cancel my art class today. I called Miss Bonnie next. She said she’d be there and was looking forward to my visit. I decided that even if one lady was looking forward to my visit, I’d show up and we’d have fun.

When I arrived, it was just me and Miss Bonnie for a while. Then, Miss Augustina came, and Miss Fin stopped in and out, just to visit. Miss Bonnie and I started with root beer floats while the pizza was in the oven.

We drank our floats, had pizza, Fritos, cookies, brownies, and popcorn a little later. Well fed and rested, we worked on our art project. We made some small wall hangings with Bible verses and prayers. Augustina used the butterfly punch and supplied us with dozens of pretty butterflies. We attached the decorated pages to colorful paper, added a dimensional butterfly, taped to a dried rose stem and added twine to make a hanger.

Miss Fin was in the kitchen making homemade egg drop soup for Miss Kathy who just came home from the hospital.

We made a craft project for each of the other ladies that couldn’t make it. I dropped them by their apartment before I left.

Now, for my Fireman photo for the day. I made a double batch of brownies on the 4th of July, one to take to the pool party and one to take to my friends at Fire Station 9. It was so weird. When I pulled into the driveway, the fire truck pulled out. I panicked. I thought I was in the way, and they had a call. The truck stopped and a fireman jumped out. Oh no! Was I blocking the driveway? He just asked if I needed anything, to which I replied, “Just bringing you guys some brownies. Are you on a call?” He assured me that everything was Ok. They were just test driving.

I had to smile when he thanked me and said,”You’ve been here before,right?” I told him that I stop by quite a bit, and if I’m baking, I just make a double batch. Then he asked, “Did you ever get your Tupperware container from a few weeks ago?” He had saved my container, and yes, one of the guys found it saved up above one of the refrigerators. It’s nice to be part of the fire fighter family.

Friday Friends, Firemen and Other Fun Folks

15 Jun

“Sometimes, the simple things are more fun and meaningful than all the banquets in the world …”

E.A. Bucchianeri


Having one best friend is wonderful, but having a zillion best friends is a never ending blessing. One friend isn’t better than another. Each one is unique, special, wonderful, and I like to think of as a special gift from God. God has really blessed me.

After a steamy morning walk and a very cold shower, I scooted over to the Square for the McKinney Chamber Ribbon cutting ceremony at Sweet Spot Bakery. They had been closed for nearly 3 months for renovations. But, it is also their 5 year anniversary. I was honored to be included as part of their ceremony and special ceremony.

Sweet Spot has been my home away from home for 5 years and Kathy and Elizabeth have become best friends and family. When the chamber members asked Kathy about the bakery and what they offer the community, I had to chime in and say, “Everyone who walks in the door becomes a friend. It’s a very special place. These wonderful ladies are not only good friends, they’ve helped me get through some tough times. They even helped me move. Now, that’s friendship.”

After the ribbon cutting, I was meeting three other great girlfriends for an impromptu lunch. I love it when I get a text that just says, “Who can meet for lunch tomorrow?”

We had hot dogs over at Top Dog on the Square, then over to Fritos for cold refreshing popsicles.

The mounted patrol were stopping for lunch and cooling down the horses. I went over to say hi. Of course, they know me pretty well. We’re friends.

While I was chatting with Officer Lindsey about her recent trips, (We’re Facebook friends) Justice leaned over and gave me a nudge and a big kiss.

I’m just squinting from the sun, I look scared here. Justice is a sweet loving horse. He likes to give kisses.

After those adventures, I stopped back at Sweet Spot to meet another friend, Mercedes. But, I forgot to take a picture. Oops.

Now, for my firemen. This was from the other day, but I was waiting for Friday to post my picture. I like alliteration, if you haven’t noticed. I took some brownies and cookies over to the guys at our new Station 9. They’re always happy to get some goodies, but I think it’s even nicer that they know how much they are appreciated. Thanks guys!!!

Montage Monday:) A Week In A Peek

13 Mar

It’s fun to peek into other people’s worlds and see how they go about doing things.

~Norah Jones


My head’s all clogged

My nose is runny

I have a cold

And it ain’t funny

~ ME


A week in a peek…. friends, firemen, artists, my grand-baby and assorted other Peeps.

Friday:) Friends, Firemen, and a Few of My Other Peeps

10 Mar

“Help others without any reason and give without the expectation of receiving anything in return.”

Roy T. Bennett


Friday’s are always fun. Today, I took the dog for a long walk, went to Zumba, and met some friends for an impromptu lunch. The neat part is, I thought I was meeting just one friend, but she texted a couple other girls, and they were free, so they surprised me. Fun!

I had stopped at Fire Station 5 on the way to lunch, but they were all out on a call. Fortunately, they were back after lunch. I was up to my usual crazy baking frenzy, so I thought I’d share my cupcakes and brownies with my local fire fighters. They always appreciate a visit from Miss Toni.

A few Peeps for my special peeps.

When I got home, another long walk with Bella. Then, I dropped her off back home, then walked a few blocks to Mr. Larry’s and Miss Sandy’s. Yep, they were sitting in the garage. Time for a Blue Moon beer and some neighborhood gossip.

It was starting to get dark, so I scurried home, with just enough time to visit a couple more neighbors with my famous Peep cupcakes.

Enough sharing for today. It’s Black Russian Friday.

Friday:) Friendly Firemen and More Murphy Moving Day Mayhem

26 Aug

The present is the ever moving shadow that divides yesterday from tomorrow. In that lies hope. ~Frank Lloyd Wright


I was meandering down Stonebridge Drive with a batch of mini cupcakes and brownies in the backseat, hoping to catch my dear friends, the Murphy’s packing up the old house. I was so spoiled. When I’d drive down the street after church or on my way home from the store, I’d pull in their driveway, call on the phone, and say,”Hi, what ya guys doin’?” Sherri would answer, “Not much, where are you?” I’d always reply, “In your driveway!” or “At your front door.” So this was going to be my last nostalgic drive-by. I didn’t call, I just pulled up and Michael was  loading up boxes. 

I’ve always gotten a big opened arms welcome. It was sad to see the once vibrantly decorated house all empty and boxes piled high everywhere. But, I’ve been to their new house, and Sherri already has it looking like home. It’s gorgeous. BUT IT’S NOT ON MY WAY HOME! And it’s not in McKinney. Granted it’s just a few miles further, but I was so spoiled. (Maybe they moved because of the drive-bys?- Hmm?) 

Sherri was up to her ears in boxes. I take that back. They were taller than her. And they were both so sweet to take out a few minutes to let me take some nostalgic pictures for my memory album and my blog.

I love these guys! Hopefully they’ll still drop in for Black Russian Fridays now and then, and I’ll get invited to family gatherings, and we can go sing karaoke at the VFW together. 

Besides my messing with the Murphy’s on moving day, I stopped at the fire stations to take some goodies. As you know, when I bake, I bake BIG.

The guys at Station 2 were sitting behind the truck and the bay door was open, so I just walked right in, and the treats were more than welcomed.

I had stopped at the 5 earlier in the morning, but they were out on a call, so I went back a few hours later. Still, no answer on the red phone or from me tapping on the window. So, not to waste another trip, I drove over to Station 8. I’ve been there a few times, but usually just at Christmas. A young trainee answered with a big smile and said, “Thank you Mam!”

Isn’t he cute? So young! I’ve got shoes older than him. But, thank God for strong young men and women who decide to serve their community and their country. 

It was a good day of visiting, reminiscing, and sharing…Now, for Black Russian Friday. Yay! 

Directions: Post blog, fix Black Russian, put feet up, watch tv. My day is done.