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Wednesday: Words of Wisdom

25 Apr


Excellent words to live by. Everyone has special talents and gifts, and they should be used and shared with everyone. Maybe you can’t draw or paint, but perhaps you bake, sew, sing, or write. Your gift might be being able to make someone smile or laugh. There are so many ways to create. You may not believe you are creative, But YOU ARE! Think about it. What are your gifts and how can you share them?


Words of Wisdom Wednesday

14 Feb

“Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. ”
― Pablo Picasso, Pablo Picasso: Metamorphoses of the Human Form : Graphic Works, 1895-1972

Me and old Pablo have a lot in common. We both have a “different” way of looking at things. Well, my friend Señor Picasso is no longer around, but if he was, he would say, “Si, me gusta… I like that, Toni!”

“I have seen what is and ask…why can’t everyone else see this too?” Everyday activities and tasks present new perspectives. Today, after doing some laundry, I removed the lint from the dryer trap. When I examined it closely, I noticed the beautiful colors and texture. Who else would be in awe of the glory of dryer lint? That would be me. I did a load of darks and reds today, so the lint sheet was dark grey on one side and reddish on the other. With Valentine’s Day being around the corner,…like tomorrow, I decided that a heart would be in order.

I folded the muted colors, bending and twisting the shape around my fingers. It was amazing how the tiny particles of lint from a routine chore like laundry could become a fluffy art form. Yes, I see things differently, but my buddy Picasso would have approved.

Pablo Picasso captured my natural beauty. I posed for him…not really, but I can pretend, can’t I?

A lovely “Lint Heart.”