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Saturday:) Some More Elvis On The Shelvis and A Big Birthday

15 Dec

“I see birthdays as a reward for having shown up 365 in a row. It’s like getting a badge for attendance.”

― Gina Barreca


Day 5~ Elvis on the Shelvis. Elvis slip-sliding away.

Last year at this time, I was on Gamma baby watch, waiting for little Sophie to arrive. She is officially 1 year old today, and such a cutie. Perfect attendance for one whole year.

I’m at my sister’s house today, and we will go celebrate her birthday tomorrow after church. I finished working on my ornaments for my friends and family here, and got all the glittering, deglittering, and packaging done. I’m finished for the season.

Then, we got to FaceTime with the granddaughters before they got ready for bed.

A great Saturday. Happy birthday little Sophie.

Friday:) Fourth Day of Elvis on the Shelvis and More

14 Dec

“You were given life; it is your duty (and also your entitlement as a human being) to find something beautiful within life, no matter how slight.”

― Elizabeth Gilbert



It’s Friday night date night with Barbie on the Shelvis, too.

It was a nice sunny day here in Elgin. My sister and I went for a morning walk, and were bundled up enough to enjoy the trek. I continued a solo walk after she put in her time. I walked the neighborhood for a couple of miles. I even ran into Shaun, the mailman, who said, “Hey, if I knew you were out walking this long, you could have helped me deliver all this mail.”

The squirrels were out in full force today. I guess they we’re gathering nuts for the winter, so I had to be careful not to be captured by a band of bold renegade squirrels. I’ve been called a nut on more than one occasion.

My sister and I went to Walmart in the afternoon to pick up a few last minute things. I NEEDED chocolate almond milk and ice cream for Black Russian Friday. We roamed around the store for nearly an hour, and picked up a bunch of things, and we were in the long checkout line when I realized, “No chocolate almond milk. No ice cream. That’s what we came for!” I ran, literally, all the way to the other end of the store to the dairy section. Got ’em!

Happy Black Russian Friday, my friends.

Thursday:) Third Day of Elvis on the Shelvis and More

13 Dec

“Her simplicity fathomed what clever people falsified.”

― Virginia Woolf


Day 3~ Elvis on the Shelvis. Breaking loose on stage in the play kitchen.

It was a chilly gloomy day. My sister and I went to a movie. She wanted to see

Aeronauts, and I had never heard of it. It wasn’t playing anywhere close by, so we drove to Wheaton. It was a very good movie, and we both enjoyed it. I guess it will be available on Amazon soon, so if you missed it at the theatre, you get another chance.

We were the only ones in the entire theatre.

We had dinner at Houlihan’s and when we got back, I continued working on my ornaments. There are several steps, and each is very time consuming. I painted about a dozen boxes tonight, each taking around 20-25 minutes to paint. And these are an easier two color process. Other years I have taken almost an hour just to paint each box. The ornaments themselves take so much longer. It’s a labor of love.

Tomorrow is glitter time. I’ll be glowing for days. Uh oh!

Happy Thursday, my friends.

Wednesday:) Elvis on the Shelvis Day 2

12 Dec

“A well-developed sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life.”

William Arthur Ward


Well, if you enjoyed day one of Elvis on the Shelvis, there’s plenty more to come.

Day 2~ Elvis on the Shelvis

Elvis is sitting on the tv Shelvis next to a nutcracker pirate, enjoying a very Merry Chrismukkah.

Happy Wednesday, my friends.

Tuesday:) Toni’s Latest Craze~ ELVIS ON THE SHELVIS

11 Dec

“Instead of Elf on the Shelf, I decided that Elvis on the Shelvis was a lot cuter. Don’t you think so?”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I was never a big fan of Elf on the Shelf. There are some underlying reasons for that, but I won’t get into that. It’s an old story, and it involves a Ho Ho Ho. So, I decided that something more creative should take its place.

I’d like to start a new holiday tradition, and I was inspired by my good friend Pat Richter, better known as the Cookie Lady. She is the biggest Elvis fan that I’ve ever met. Well, maybe a close second to my son, Joe. When I was scouring the internet, looking for some small Elvis dolls, I couldn’t find any at home in McKinney before my trip to Chicago, so I gave up the idea. Low and behold, my grand-daughter received a vintage Elvis and Barbie collectible doll set for her birthday last week.

. Yay!

Now, I could start my new craze of posing Elvis on different Shelvis’ (shelves) around the house. My son’s house was the perfect place to start. He has Elvis stuff everywhere.


Day 1~ Elvis on the Shelvis

If you like my idea, please let me know. If you have an Elvis somewhere around the house, maybe pose him him somewhere fun and take a picture. I’d love to see it.

Happy Tuesday, my friend.

Montage Monday:) A Week In A Peek

10 Dec

“Our parents prayer is the most beautiful poetry and expectations.”

~Aditia Rinaldi


A busy hustle bustle week. Last Monday I was kicking up my heels at the country dance in McKinney, and the next day I was on a plane traveling 904.1 miles to Chicago to visit family. It’s been a whirlwind, but family is the most important thing in the whole wide world.

Here’s a week in a peek…

No Sunday Sermon, But A Special Naming Ceremony and Birthday Party.

9 Dec

“From our ancestors come our names, but from our virtues our honors.”



Today was the big birthday party for Belle 3 and Sophie 1. It was held at the Exploritorium in Skokie. Friends and family gathered not only to celebrate the girl’s birthday, but also a traditional naming ceremony for little one year old Sophie, complete with Rabbi. It was good to see some folks that I hadn’t seen since the last ceremony two years ago.

The children all had a great time playing at the education Exporatorium before the ceremony and birthday party.

Sophie had her own little cake for her first birthday.

There were kids running around everywhere, pizza and snacks all over, and parents and grandparents trying to keep some semblance of order, which wasn’t working. Basically, it was the average beautiful birthday party, and fun was had by all.

What would we do without family? Such a gift.

It was a long day, and the little ones were tired, but not as tired as us old folks.

Happy Sunday, my friends.