Tuesday:) Tunes From The Hollywood Bowl

6 Aug

“Latin music has a rhythm that stirs your soul. All music can stir your soul, but all music doesn’t make you want to get up and dance.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Saturday night, after an already busy day, Matt took me to dinner in Hollywood before the concert. (I didn’t get discovered in Hollywood, so I’ll be heading home tomorrow. Darn!) I had a crispy vegan chicken sandwich and fries that was better than anything vegan that I’ve ever tasted. And, probably as good as any.

We left the car at the valet at the restaurant and took an Uber over to the Hollywood Bowl. Wow! A very cool concert venue, and so well organized. Matt thought I would enjoy the Gypsy Kings, so he bought tickets when he found out the days I was coming to visit. How thoughtful.

Las Cafeteras opened for the Gypsy Kings. They had the crowd all wound up and dancing in their seats. They had a few political innuendos and commentaries woven into their songs, but if you didn’t understand Spanish, you wouldn’t get it.

The Gypsy Kings.


The Gipsy Kings

Melding flamenco, rumba, salsa, and pop to the tune of 20 million albums sold, the Grammy® Award–winning hitmakers The Gipsy Kings return with dance-ready furor, celebrating their 1988 eponymous breakthrough. It’s party-starting perfection forged by the raucous spirit of the south of France! Afro-Mexican folk-rockers Las Cafeteras open, making this two nights of high-energy guitar thrills.

It was a very cool concert. People were in the aisles dancing and singing and enjoying the awesome evening. Even leaving the venue was quick and orderly. Matt called for an Uber while we filed out and it was waiting for us at a ride-share designated spot in just a couple of minutes. Parking would have been a nightmare. He’s SO smart.

So, a few Latin tunes from Toni on this glorious Tuesday. Have a great day, my friends.

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