Thursday:) This Is What I Did Today…

2 Aug

“Every day is a new day and a new adventure. Some days are super exciting, and others are quiet and calm. Each an adventure.”

“Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Matt went into the office today, so I slept in and had a relaxing morning. In the afternoon, I sat outside and played with my watercolor paints. Matt is so funny. He is the ultimate Spartan minimalist, the opposite of a hoarder. He warned me when I arrived that he only owns two plates, two glasses and two forks. He wasn’t kidding. I scoured his kitchen trash to find a paper cup to use for water for my painting. It was beautiful out. I looked through some of my photos from yesterday for a reference. Artistic license.

When Matt got home, we walked a couple of miles to an up-scale vegan restaurant that he’s been wanting to try. The food was pretty good and pretty small portions. I guess vegans don’t eat much.

Potato pizza. We also had quinoa-bean meatballs and a pasta dish. I enjoyed the food, but I was happy when we stopped for chocolate vegan ice cream. Now, that was great!

A nice walk home.

Happy Thursday, my friends.

One Response to “Thursday:) This Is What I Did Today…”

  1. sarajourney August 2, 2019 at 5:54 am #

    Potato pizza! I need to try that! How peaceful your painting is.

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