Wednesday:) My Wiggly Worm World

3 Jul

“Life is like a wiggly worm. Sometimes you are going about your business when a big storm comes up, forcing you to come up for air so as not to drown.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I have found as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten bolder, or perhaps more desensitized to the phobias of my youth. The sight of a doctor’s needle would make me light headed and faint. Then, When I was ill, I had to give myself Lovenox injections in my belly for ten days, on several occasions. Now, no fear of needles.

I used to scream at the sight of a mouse or a snake. Now, look out creepy critters, just move along. Last week, my neighbor had a dead bird in her birdbath and screamed. I got a paper towel and removed it.

Then, there is the notorious wiggly worm. I always hated going fishing. Not because I’d have to put the slimy worm on the end of the hook, (I refused) but because it seemed so inhumane. So, now when I go walking, I do not hesitate to pick up and rescue a wiggly worm who is writhing and struggling on the sidewalk after a storm. This poor worm was drying up on the sidewalk in the summer heat. He thanked me when I placed him in the cool grass. Yes, I am the worm whisperer.

Every worm can’t be rescued, but if I see one in distress, I attempt to save it, no hesitation.

Whenever I rescue a worm, it reminds me so much of life. There are times when we struggle, all alone and in pain, wiggling around just trying to survive. Sometimes someone comes along to lift us up and carry us to safety. Perhaps, we are motivated to assist another helpless creature to survive another day. We are all God’s. features, great and small. We need to help one another. Worldly worm words of wisdom.


Various specialists report that certain species have the potential to live 4-8 years. In protected culture conditions (no predators, ideal conditions) individuals of Allolobophora longa have been kept up to 10 1/4 years, Eisenia foetida for 4½ years and Lumbricus terrestris for 6 years.



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