Sunday Sermon Y Cinco de Mayo

6 May

“Cinco de Mayo is an important day. The Mexicans had to defend themselves from the French. It is historically significant, but it is not Mexican Independence Day.”

Kuno Becker


A gorgeous sunny Sunday. 9 o’clock Mass was especially nice because several young people were making their First Communion. Those beautiful faithful faces were heartwarming.

Today’s Gospel was the story of Jesus appearing to the disciples at the Sea of Tiberias. They hadn’t caught any fish, so He told them to cast their nets again, then the nets were so heavy with fish, they could barely pull them in. They ate fish and bread on the shore. This was the third appearance since Jesus had risen. Jesus asked Simon Peter three different times if he loved Him.

“Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you.”

Jesus said to him, “Feed my sheep.

Father explained that Jesus asked Simon Peter three times if he loved Him, to symbolize the three time he denied the Lord. Then, He asked Peter to “Feed my sheep.” Peter was now to lead the followers and the church.

My take on it…with great love comes great responsibility.

After church Jerry, Helene and I stopped for coffee and conversation. When I got home, I did my usual chores and looked at Facebook and checked emails. All the funny pictures and Happy Cinco de Mayo posts inspired me to invite a few friends over for margaritas and snacks. It was very short notice, but Jerry, Helene and Dan stopped by at Cinco-5 to celebrate. It was beautiful outside, so we sat in the backyard sipping margaritas, and sharing silly stories. A nice day.

After everyone left, there was still time for a walk. I had walked early in the morning before church to catch the sunrise.

Then, I walked at the end of the day to capture the wispy cloudy sunset.

Happy Cinco de Mayo. Happy Sunday,

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