My Magnificent Amazing Monday

2 Apr

“One does not seek love,’ she told him, ‘it should find you all on it’s own”

― Barbara Lieberman


Only a few of my dearest friends and family members know about this amazing love story from start to finish, so please read till the end. It’s beautiful. I have been so blessed.

I met Tom shortly after I moved into my new house five years ago. This was right after a very painful and devastating divorce. I would walk past his house on my daily walks and I’d wave, and sometimes I’d stop and chat. When I made brownies, I’d drop off a couple for him to have with his morning coffee. I mentioned one time that I really didn’t like walking alone in the evening after dark, so he said just to give him a call and he’d walk with me. We walked a lot and became very good friends. Such a sweet man.

Sometimes after a long walk, we’d stop and sit at the park bench, watch the sunset, and just talk about this or that, family, friends and so on. Tom lost his wife in 2005, and he shared how hard it was to watch her suffer. I shared how I lost my husband in 2013, but he’s still alive. He’s just shacked up with the lyin’ cheatin’ “HO” waitress from his country club. He’s lost and I hope he stays lost. (Perhaps TMI)

Anyway, this magnificent friendship was just that, a great friendship. Tom and I usually take a walk every Sunday night. Yesterday, I had been out to dinner with Sherri, and we saw that cute play in Grapevine earlier in the afternoon. So, it was after 7 pm before I got home. Tom called right before sunset and asked if I wanted to go for our usual Sunday walk. I love my walks, and I needed to walk off my margarita and chicken fajitas, so I said of course.

We walked in the cool air and ended up at our little park bench, right as the sun was setting. It was spectacular with that beautiful orange glow. He knows how I love to take sunset pictures, so I snapped a few pics and we sat and watched the sun slither down below the horizon.

All of a sudden, the sweet man stood up, knelt down on one knee, reached into his pocket, and took out the most magnificent diamond ring. I almost had a coronary right there. (Luckily the fire station and paramedics are just down the street.)

Much to my surprise, Tom asked me to marry him, right there in the park. He said being with his best friend forever would make him a very happy man, and it would be the most wonderful blessing in the world. And you know what? He is right! And you know what? I said YES!

Now that you’ve read this wonderful love story to the end… this is a picture of me and Tom.


Happy April Fool’s Day. Hopefully I fooled a couple of people. Most of you know me already, so you figured out the punchline and ending early on. Plus, you know I always make up a silly story every April 1st, and that I’m never ever getting married again. And, that ring belonged to my angel mother, and I’m sure she’s laughing up there in heaven. Remember the George Clooney story a couple of years back? I had a lot of people going that time. Even Mom believed that one. (She didn’t read till the end) And please, whatever you do, don’t tell Tom…AKA, my friend and neighbor Danny, that I used his photo. I just needed a picture of a cute man for my story. I made the whole thing up. It was pretty good, wasn’t it?

2 Responses to “My Magnificent Amazing Monday”

  1. ccbarr April 2, 2019 at 1:09 am #


  2. Kathy April 2, 2019 at 4:40 am #

    Butt cheek! All in fun cuz! Got me!

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