Friday:) Freezing Cold, Fun with Belle, No Firemen

7 Dec

“So when you’re cold

From the inside out

And don’t know what to do,

Remember love and friendship,

And warmth will come to you.”

― Stephen Cosgrove


Wow! It’s been pretty cold here. It got all the way up to 23 degrees earlier. Tonight will get down to around 15. (Can you say shiver me timbers?) I took Elvis out for a walk this afternoon. Not the real Elvis, of course. Elvis, is a dog. He tugs on his leash like the real Elvis tugs on your heart.

I don’t know what I was thinking. The sun was out for a few hours, but that didn’t stop my hands from getting numb. I think I’m spoiled living in Texas. It can get pretty cold there too, but for a few minutes.

Even though it’s cold out, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is being with family, friends, but most of all… quality Gamma time.

It’s Friday already. Where did the time go? I hope to keep up with my traditions while I’m here. I’m going to visit with my sister a few days, I sure hope she has the fixings for my Black Russians, otherwise we’re going to have to run to the store…liquor store, that is.

I’m also going to miss my Fire Station 9 friends back home. I did stop there with some brownies and taco fixings right before I left. I’ll just have to bake and make up for lost time when I get back home.

Happy Friday, my Friends. Stay warm wherever you are,

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