Friday:) Friends and Fun Painting With Coffee

6 Oct

“A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires.”

~Hedy Lamarr


This afternoon was a fun day painting with my senior friends over at Towne Creek. I go over there the first Friday of the month. I used to go every Friday for over five years before I cut back. I can’t believe it’s already my eleventh year I’ve been volunteering there. Where does the time go?

My project for today was painting with coffee. I did a few test runs and example during the week to try and come up with some simple techniques. I even made a video, but I’m saving that for another post. Ha.. I just laughed to myself… perhaps I’ll save it for the “Saturday Evening Post.” I guess you have to be old to get the joke. A Norman Rockwell moment.

So, I did a quick demo on painting a small canvas with the coffee mixture, about a think ink consistency. Then, I let them chose what they wanted to add to it, painting on watercolor paper, then cutting it out and glueing with foam on the back for dimension. While the coffee paintings dried, we had our little feast of hot dogs, chips, onion dip, pasta salad, and an ice cream sandwich for dessert. When you’re working hard, you need nourishment and a short break.

We also worked on some smaller notecards. And Miss Kathy wanted to paint some pumpkins for Fall. So, we had a wide variety of projects going on.

Miss Kathy completed a canvas and three notecards. The two crosses are actually dimensional, and look pretty cool.

Miss Bonnie said she loved the smell of the coffee.

I painted a mountain scene when I saw a box of Kleenex on a table that had a cool picture along the sides, demonstrating that anything can be inspirational.

Basically, this is just an instant coffee and water mixture used instead of paint. Someone asked me how long I thought the coffee paintings would last, and I replied, “Art is very temporary. Enjoy it today, who knows what tomorrow will bring.” Very profound..right? It was a good day. Any day with art and friends and food and laughter, is a good day.

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