Thursday:) This Is Why Us Old People Should Wear Their Glasses

5 Oct

“I only need glasses to see fine print or anything smaller than an elephant.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis

I can’t think without my glasses.”

~Vivienne Westwood

Yesterday, when I was taking the trash cans out of the garage, I noticed two very large ant hills next to the garage door, up against the bricks. Oh no! I went into the garage and grabbed the big container of ant spray from the shelf, where I always keep it. I sprayed and I sprayed, and to make sure they really were dead, I also put some of that white powder.

While I was at it, I decided to spray the entire perimeter of the house, and all the window sills to make sure the ants didn’t get carried away and decide to come inside to cool off. I sprayed and I sprayed. I was so proud of my endeavors. I went back to check on the ant hills. A few were still crawling around, so I sprayed some more.

The GOOD news is, when I checked the ant hills this morning, it looked like ALL the ants were dead. The BAD news is, when I looked by the front door when I went for a walk this morning, I looked at the big container of spray. IT WAS WEED AND GRASS KILLER!

The ants are dead, no weeds or grass are going to grow on my windowsills and doorways. BUT, I have a funny feeling that all the grass along the perimeter of my house may not be looking too good in a few days.

Nest time, I’m going to wear my glasses!

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