Tuesday:) Time To Make The Brownies Miss Toni

10 Jan

“When the going gets tough, the tough bake brownies.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


“Sometimes you can’t see the road ahead but as you keep going, it gets clearer. Stay the course as the fog of life dissipates.”

Sanjo Jendayi


It was a foggy day in London Town. Oh, wait, that’s right. We’re in McKinney. Anyway, it was foggy here too. I walked the dog over by the pond this morning, and the fog and the mist were mesmerizing and surreal looking. I love the fog. The world seems dreamy and opaque.

I drove to Zumba in the fog. It was kinda cool. The intense music, dancing, and Latin rhythm of the class smacked me out of my brain fog right quick.

When I got home, I said to myself, “Self! What do you do on a foggy day?” Well, of course, the answer is always, “Make brownies.” Then, silly person that I am, I had to make a funny face in the mix.

Fear not. After the eggs and oil and chocolate chips and more marshmallows are added, they are delicious. Hundreds, if not thousands of my personal friends can attest to that.

I took some to my church group meeting tonight. They agreed.

Seize the day and season it with love…and chocolate.

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