Friday:) Friends, Fun and Creating

6 Jan

“Create. Not for the money. Not for the fame. Not for the recognition. But for the pure joy of creating something and sharing it.”

Ernest Barbaric


As I said yesterday, back in the saddle. This morning, a very nice early birthday lunch with Lynne, stop at the store to buy a birthday cake, ice cream, ginger ale, and pizza for my Towne Creek senior art group at 2:30, pick up the neighbor dog, take her for a walk, search my craft room for a project for the class, pack up art supplies and food, feed the dog, let her out one more time, and out the door by 2:15. Yep! Back to my normal routine. I love it.

It was nice to see my art group. I missed going December because I was in Chicago all of December. We started out with chatting and looking at my bazillion grand-baby and holiday pictures.

Then, to the art project. We had fun pouring paint on watercolor paper, and spritzing and smooshing with crumpled plastic for texture. Then, we took a second sheet of blank watercolor paper, blotting on top of the liquid paint concoction, making two colorful backgrounds.

While those surfaces dried, we worked on the blue variegated background on canvas. We used dark blue on the two sides then white in the middle, blending with a foam brush to get the variegated look.

While the two surfaces dried, we had our feast of pizza, chips, ginger ale ice cream floats, and Chocolate Snicker birthday cake. We were celebrating my birthday and Miss Nelma’s. We sang “Happy Birthday to us.”

After our feast, we traced a butterfly on the now dried smooshy painted paper. The paper, being folded in half, was able to yield four butterflies.

We wrote tiny words on the surface and folded the center body, gluing only that center so the wings were free and dimensional. They turned out very cute.

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