Tuesday:) Timeless and Treasured New Year’s Traditions

3 Jan

“The paper burns, but the words fly free.”

Akiba Ben Joseph


Every culture and country has their own traditions and customs for celebrating the New Year. A few years ago, I read about several interesting traditions. One custom was to write down your wishes and hopes for the New Year on paper, and to burn them at midnight, and the wishes will come true. One that I found interesting was almost the opposite. Write down the painful and negative feelings, burn them at midnight, while watching the ashes fly up into the sky, sending them drifting away. I did this four years ago when I was going through a very tough time. I was at a New Year’s Eve party and my friends joined me in the ritual. It really was helpful.

This New Year’s Eve, I replayed the custom. I wrote down all the negative words that still haunt my thoughts at times. “Pain, anger, hurt, betrayal, lies, deceit, greed, shallow,” and other words. The hurt and pain has lessened these past few years, but there are still residual embers that need to be released into the wind.

It’s a good cleansing and affirming custom. Perhaps a good annual event until the day when only happy hopes and dreams can be dispersed in flames and ashes into the wind.

What is a Burning Bowl Ceremony with Reiki?

The Burning Bowl ceremony is a kind of fire ceremony that has been used in various traditions for a number of years. The Reiki Burning Bowl ceremony involves using Reiki while writing the negative conditions that you would like to release from your life on a piece of paper, then burning the paper in the bowl, which turns your prayers to smoke and sends them to the Creator on the Reiki Bridge of Light. The purpose of the ceremony is to release old patterns, beliefs or experiences, or anything that impedes you from realizing your true self. By sending the old unwanted conditions up to the Creator in the smoke, you clear the way for beginnings. The second part is to focus your attention on what you would like to create in your life, write those intentions on paper, burn that paper, and send your prayers to the Creator to manifest them.


Burning the pain of the past, lighting thanks for the future.

That being said and done, one of my own personal traditions is to light a candle at church and give thanks for my blessings. Not just one time a year, but every chance I get. I have much to be thankful for.

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