Friday:) Fun Building A Better Snowman

2 Dec

Snowmen fall from heaven unassembled.


It might be a while before I see some snow. That’s ok. I’ve had enough frigid winters in Chicago. It’s been pleasantly mild so far, but I hear the temps may be dropping soon here in Elgin. Maybe a white Christmas? Maybe not.

I did have fun today building several snowmen. Ah, but they weren’t cold or went or difficult to build. I was helping my sister create and put together cute snowmen wrappers for some large specialty candy bars. I researched several ideas on Pinterest, and came up with my own design.

The good part about being at Mom’s is she keeps as much craft and art supplies as I do. Well, not quite as many, but a pretty close second. She had all the materials needed.

Here’s the finished product so you can see how cute he is.

If you see the regular size Hershey bar above, you can see that these candy bars are twice as big and make for a really cute snowman. It’s hard to see in the photo, but the scarf is made from burgundy flocked ribbon. Mom had some star wire to tie the scarf, and she had construction and white paper, and chalk for the cheeks. They weren’t difficult to make, just time consuming. I really didn’t have a pattern, so I had to makeshift my own design. What do you think? Mom and I will make some smaller ones for Christmas.

I always thought this cartoon was funny.

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