Wednesday:) Words of Wisdom and the Judge

5 Oct

“To love a man enough to help him, you have to forfeit the warm, self-righteous glow that comes from judging.” ― Ron Hall


After the tribulations of spending half the day at the Social Security Office yesterday, I decided to brave the Collin County Courthouse today. I needed to get some official documents in order to apply for Medicare. 

Well, the first thing I did was drive down that long winding road with all the county buildings. I went to the wrong one. It looked familiar because that’s where I went to pay my taxes. Oops! The courthouse was a couple miles down the road. Off I went.

Such a difference. When I arrived, the security officers were so pleasant and cheery as I slid my purse through the scanner. I wasn’t sure where to go when I strolled through the long empty hallways. Yep! Empty halls. My friend and attorney, Laura Roach, had texted me that I should see the county clerk for my official paperwork when I asked her. There were several doors that said county clerk, so I asked a nice lady with a name tag where to go,

I took a number at the kiosk outside the door. My wait time… approximately five minutes. Whoa!  The clerk was so nice. She printed out my divorce decree and hand stamped each page and signed the back. I mentioned that this was such a pleasure compared to waiting 3 1/2 hours at social security yesterday, she just smiled. When I took out my credit card, she said, “Oh, this is for social security, there’s no charge.” Double whoa! I scooted out of there with a big grin, like I won the lottery.

Since I got done so quickly, I decided walk around the beautiful modern courthouse. Laura had mentioned that while I was there, I should go say hi to her husband, Judge John Roach, Jr.  As luck would have it, he was in court and I sat in and listened to a case in progress. I’d never done that before. It was pretty interesting. I’d never been to a court hearing. I didn’t even get to go to my own divorce hearing.

When the case was over and the next preparing, I gave the judge a shy wave. He hadn’t seen me there and said, “Hi, what are you doing here?” He motioned for me to come up, or as we say in lawyer talk, “approach the bench.” I walked over and said, ” A little birdie, named Laura, said to stop in and say hello.”

He said, “Come on up here. Do you want to take a picture? Want to sit in my chair?” He asked the attorney waiting for the next case to take our picture. I was a little embarrassed and honored, all rolled into one.

Judge Roach, Jr. is a fine man, a fine judge, and a fine friend. I certainly hope he gets re-elected next year. He does so much for our community. Thanks Judge John.


Re-Elect Judge John R. Roach, Jr. for 296th Judicial District Court

Judge Roach has spent his life’s work on making a difference. Whether as a United States Marine, Plano City Councilman, an Adjunct Professor at Southern Methodist University or the University of North Texas College of Law, the Co-Author of Divorce in Peace, a community volunteer or in his current position as Judge he has worked tirelessly to make the difference for his country, community, the legal profession and for the litigants who appear before him.

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