Saturday:) Special Friends

1 Oct

I am blessed to have so many great things in my life – family, friends and God. All will be in my thoughts daily. 

~Lil’ Kim********

Last night, I received a surprise phone call from my friend Sherri Murphy. When Insaw her name come up on my phone, I didn’t say hello. I said, “Yes, it’s Black Russian Friday!” 

Pretty much everyone on the planet knows that Miss Toni has her famous Black Russian drink every Friday night. It was already after 7pm. when Sherri called. She said that she was on her way home and just wondered if she and Michael could come over around 9pm, or was that too late. I giggled to myself. I rarely go to sleep before 2am. 

I said that I hadn’t begun the libation celebration yet, and I’d be happy to wait for their arrival.

My dear friends, the Murphys…and a pumpkin.

Friends don’t let friends drink alone. 

Thanks for the surprise visit, Michael and Sherri. Love you guys! 

Pretty much every Friday night. Feel free to stop by. 

Yep, Sherri and Michael. Twice blessed.

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