Saturday on the Square:) And the Cove

20 Aug

“Saturday night is perfect for writers because other people have “plans.”― Mike Birbiglia


Oh that’s a perfect quote. Here I am writing while “all y’all” have plans. I had to throw that in. My favorite Southern expression is “all y’all.” Only in the South can they make a double plural and it sounds cute. I guess it’s better than my native Chicago “you’se guys.”

But, I did have a good and busy Saturday. I started out walking Bella, then went to the YMCA. I did the Zumba class at 9:45 and then rode the exercise bike. I was very proud of myself. I was telling my sister about it a minute ago on the phone. I said my goal was to ride 3 miles very fast and get my heart rate up. Then I coerced my brain to go for 4 miles. Then I said, I bet I can do 5 miles in less than 25 minutes. I know I can. So I did! A quick stop at the bank,  and visit with Miss Karri at Papa Murphy’s, followed by a VERY long shopping adventure at Tom Thumb. That’s another story. Back home, walk the dog, check on the neighbor’s cats, work on some bills, feed the dog and walk her again, then off to the car dealer to complain about the moulding that got torn off my car windshield in their car wash yesterday. After that, a visit at Sweet Spot Bakery, over to The Cove art show and a stop at Lone Star Wine Cellars to chat with Bob. Finally home, walk the dog again and check on cats. I NEED A DRINK! Or better yet, I should eat something.
Oh wait, I guess my Saturday wasn’t all that slow and boring after all. Now, I have something to write about.

Sweet Spot Bakery.

Now, fun at the Cove. If you live in or near McKinney, you should check out the Cove. So many talented artists and great exhibits. You can also snap up some fantastic original artwork at a pretty good deal from a local artist. I love art shows where all the artists are good friends. Lots of hugs.

Mr. Guy is an amazing photographer, but also works in other mediums.

Pernie and Lynne. (Sorry Lynne- didn’t check the picture.)

Miss Jeni is so talented. This is a landscape, but her horses and animals are so life-like.

It was a fine Saturday.

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