Tuesday:) Today, Two New Friends

9 Aug

“Every person is a new door to a different world.”~Six Degrees of Seperation

Today after Zumba, I stopped at Pioneer Ridge retirement facility. Gina, our new Art Club of McKinney president called me the other day, and asked me if I’d consider coordinating some outreach volunteering for our club. It’s fine that we have our monthly meetings, but she feels our group should be doing more in the community. She thought because I’ve been volunteering at Towne Creek Senior Apartments for over ten years, that I’d be the perfect candidate to coordinate volunteer activities. I don’t need or even have room for another place to volunteer, but I’d be happy see if we can get some volunteers from the art club.

Gina said that she talked to Andrea Wyatt, the activity director, at Pioneer Ridge. It’s a very large looming building in Stonebridge Ranch, tucked away behind Walgreens and the bank. At first I thought, why should I even bother arranging volunteers for a fairly affluent facility. They could afford to hire someone. Then, I remembered my senior group at Towne Creek. Their federally subsidized housing and meager living spaces doesn’t change the fact that many seniors, wealthy or just barely getting by, most are lonely. Many have no family, friends or visitors to spend time with. Everyone deserves some companionship, friendship, and fun activities to brighten their day. Yep! Let’s see what we can do.

A gentleman sat in a rocking chair out front. He smiled and said hello. I walked into the beautiful entry and saw the huge finely decorated dining room. I was impressed. So, here’s the thing, the elderly people shuffling past in walkers or wheel chairs all had one thing in common. They looked lonely, sitting by themselves, just staring and sitting. Our society really does ignore the elderly. It’s a shame.

I met with Andrea and we discussed possible art projects and activities. I certainly hope we find some volunteers to visit and share some time with these charming folks.

When I left, I stopped to visit with the gentleman in the rocking chair. Now, he was smoking a cigar and apologized when I sat next to him. We chatted a bit.

Mr. Dan was a very charming man. A few minutes later, a lady passed by and Dan offered his chair to Miss Becky. I asked her how she liked Pioneer Ridge. She said it was wonderful, but when I asked what kind of activities she enjoyed, she said she usually just walks around the building a few times. They have movie nights and other programs, but they really didn’t have any craftsmlr art projects. Personally, I think people, of all ages enjoy, creating and learning new things,

Let’s see if we can add a little spark and fun to these lovely lives. Perhaps, make a few new friends.

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