Wednesday:) What Do You See?

13 Jul

Art is always in the eyes of the beholder. Only posterity has the right to point out our mistakes. ~Len Wein**********

Everyone sees the world through different eyes. Sometimes I see the strangest things in the strangest places. Perhaps I need glasses? Oh, that’s right. They are on the way. Thank you Dr. Craig DeClark. 

Those of you that know me well already know about the funny faces in the brownie mix, and oil spots on the street, but I see wonderful shapes and scenes and people in the shadows or the clouds.

Today, I was walking through the park with Bella. She is a very patient dog, and understands at any given time I need to stop and take a picture. Today, I was glancing up at the hollow opening of a tree. I know you’ll think I’m crazy. I’ll show you the picture, and you decide if you see it too.

Squint your eyes a little. This is a close-up. I was looking from about ten feet. What do you see. Maybe it’s a Catholic thing, but I see the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus, her eyes looking down. See her face and veil? Baby Jesus is in white on the left. Ah…now you see it!

No, it’s not one of those miracle things, or anything weird. I always look at things in a different way. I see beauty where someone sees a hollow tree. My point is, sometimes you need take a look at life and the world with different eyes. Eyes that haven’t gotten their new prescription glasses yet.

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