Tuesday:) Technology Is Not Toni’s Friend

22 Mar

“Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.” 

― Aldous Huxley


Okay, I’m going to rant about AT&T and Directv. First of all, they charge you an arm and a leg and other body parts for their service, THEN, when it’s time for a repair, adjustment, or installation, it’s like dealing with a pre-schooler at nap time.

Last week, my TV was acting up, popping in and out and then all my recorded shows could not be accessed. I made a call. You know how that goes. Press 1 for this, 2 for that, and 3 when you’re ready to shoot yourself . After a long wait of Muzak, telling a person with a mysterious accent my account number and secret passcode, I was asked what my problem was. After a lot of back and frothing, I mean forthing, I was told it sounded like a dead hard drive and they would send a new one in the mail in 2 to 3 business days. (Lucky I don’t watch a lot of tv.) 

Two days later, my new box arrived with installation instructions and return label for the old one. Seriously? I have to install this myself. Lucky I have that $9.99 a month service fee that replaces the box. It doesn’t come with a man that replaces it. I looked in the box, no man.

I’m a smart girl. I can do this. I opened the box, put on my glasses, and got the step stool and started reading the instructions. Yes, you heard it right. I actually looked at the instructions. Not like me. I went one step further. I put the new box on top of the old box so I could replace each wire and cable one at a time into the correct place. (I’ve learned that the hard way,) I’ve been known to put cables in places they shouldn’t go.

Wow, that wasn’t hard at all. I took out the old box, put it in the return box and was ready to watch tv. But, NOOOOOOO! Now it said, “Set up instructions.” Here’s the abridged version…I couldn’t figure it out so I called the technology support number. Another LONG wait, two different calls, different people, and didn’t get it to work. Finally, the last lady tried talking me through the steps for about an hour or more, then we both gave up and set up an installer to come out in the next day 8-12. I was beyond frustrated after 4 1/2 hours. Yep!

The tv was on, but only on the Directv info station. I turned it off and went about my day. Finally around midnight, I played around with the instructions and set up again, once last ditch effort. All of a sudden, it was working. Yay! 

I went to the website to cancel the installer, as the phone lines were unavailable, and I got the instant chat help. I said I wanted to cancel and install. They said they had no record of an install to cancel. Ok, I’ll just wait till morning when they call. Around 1 a.m., I realized, I didn’t check the tv upstairs. I just assumed both worked on the same box so it would be workingtoo, but NOOOOO! Dead as a doornail. But, that’s OK, the installer was coming in the morning.

But NOOOOO! When I called to check on the installation time in the morning, they told me it was cancelled. Do you see now, where I wanted to hurt somebody? They directed me to technology support again to reschedule. To my delight, a very nice and patient young man asked if perhaps he could walk me through the steps to set up the upstairs TV. 

I told the young man that I was old, so he needed to talk in old people language and be patient. He complied as I hobbled up and down the stairs getting pass codes from the tv downstairs to type into upstairs.  FINALLY, after about another half hour, both TVs were working, and I could set up to record with the DVR. The bad news, ALL my previous recordings and movies were GONE. All my Star Trek and Murder She Wrote and Artful Detective….GONE!

Did I mention that I hate AT&T and Diretv? Technology is not my friend! Where’s a twelve year old kid when you need one?

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