Friday:) Friends and Some Fun Karaoke

11 Mar

“I sing loud, I sing proud, I sing off key, but I keep singing anyway.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Yesterday, I was busy all day, an early walk, Art Club, lunch, store, another walk, and all this before 5p.m.  I had to decide between two activities for the evening. Let’s see, hmm, divorce support group or karaoke at the VFW hall at 7? Decisions, decisions. 

You guessed it. I chose karaoke. I only sang karaoke once before, a while back p, with my friend Sherri Murphy, and I wasn’t that great, but I had a blast. A few people at our senior meet-up group were talking Monday about other activities beside dinners, so when karaoke came up, I said I was in. I’m broadening my horizons and venturing outside my comfort zone.

When I arrived at the Lone Star VFW, with a short detour after making a couple wrong turns, there were only four or five cars in the dimly lit parking lot. Did I have the wrong night? I walked in and found Mr. Bob already seated at a small round table. The only person there, except for the couple of  guys at the bar and the lady bartender. I wasn’t disappointed. I was elated. Maybe I could sing a few songs without a big audience.

Mr. Bob, who has a great voice, sang the first song.

I looked through the huge book of possible songs, but was still a little nervous, so Mr. Bob agreed to sing a duet with me. We sang, “The Rose,” and then a couple of other songs until I got up the courage to sing alone. In the meantime, a few other people arrived. Jim, Pat, and Sandy from our group came a little later. Sandy has the voice of an angel. She belted out Patsy Cline’s “Crazy.” The DJ, Danny, told her at the end of the night that Patsy would have been honored at her rendition.

Jim, Pat, Bob, Sandy, and my right eyeball. 

For my grand finale I sang, Carole King’s, “So Far Away.”

Carole King wouldn’t be honored, but maybe not laugh too hard. By the end of the night, I wasn’t too bad. And NO, I wasn’t drinking. I don’t drink and drive. 

A memory from last year. Singing in the rain….

Now, this is how it should be sung….

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