Tuesday:) Toni’s Tip of the Day

8 Mar

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, and DO NOT STEP AWAY FROM THE BROILER!”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Last week, I shared my fiery fiasco of burnt to a crisp vegetables. I had put the oven on broil, and forgot. Look who’s talking! I have a oven full of veggies baking  in the right this minute. I DID NOT put the broiler on. I learned my lesson…for now.

This time, I bought even more yummy vegetables at Sprouts, adding baby eggplants and grape tomatoes to the array. I needed to use one large pan and two medium size. I have a friend who can’t eat onions, so I wanted to make her some without onions. Thus, two different kinds. My kitchen smells wonderful…not like burnt to a crisp nasty somethin’.

Now, I’m boiling some penne pasta, that combined with the veggies, some olive oil and Parmesan cheese, will make a great dinner.

Tip #2. DO NOT STEP AWAY from the boiling pasta…let me get over there…it always boils over. I’m back.

Ok, I just put the oven on broil. I’m standing here watching closely. DO NOT STEP AWAY!

Great! Nothing caught on fire, burned, or boiled over. Ah, the sweet smell of  success. 

I put together a casserole for my neighbor, and tomorrow I’ll put together some containers for another friend. I had some for dinner, except I added some fresh baby spinach, cheese, then baked some more. It was really delicious.

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