Sunday Sermon, A Selfie, and Other Stuff

15 Jan

“The nice part about being away for a month and missing your friends is all the hugs you get when you return.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I really missed my McKinney friends when I was in Chicago for a month. That is a long time. But, now I miss my friends and family back home too. Torn! I was excited to get back to church his morning. I missed greeting at the door with Mary before Mass. it was chilly and foggy, so I donned my sock monkey hat. I got a lot of nice hugs from people that missed me and compliments on my hat. (I’m old, I can get away with being silly.)

It was a yucky day, so everyone could use a smile. I took a few new grandbaby pictures to show friends and strangers alike. I even pestered Father Don before he processed into the sanctuary. He said Belle was beautiful and congratulations.


See! I told you it was foggy this morning.

Today’s Gospel was about John the Baptist announcing that Jesus was coming. John was just a messenger.

My take on it…sometimes we need to give credit where credit is due. Praise and honor the good deeds and accomplishments of others. By lifting up others, you raise yourself up. Don’t be jealous, be grateful.

Gospel JN 1:29-34
John the Baptist saw Jesus coming toward him and said,

“Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.

He is the one of whom I said,

‘A man is coming after me who ranks ahead of me

because he existed before me.’


So, back at church, back to greeting at the door, I was so excited to see my friends. Mary gave me a big hug. Miss Virginia and Mr. Joe were saving my seat inside. More hugs. Mr. Jerry was happy to see me. More hugs and plans for coffee after Mass. Oh, I probably showed a good fifty people baby pictures and received almost as many hugs. It was a good morning, a good Mass, singing, renewal, and most of all, thankfulness.

After Mass, I met Mr. Jerry at McDonald’s, as our usual tradition. Dave was there already and we bumped into Jackie. A lot of chatting and laughing. I imposed on Mr. Jerry to take a selfie.

After church, a well needed visit to Sprouts for fruit and vegetables and such. Oh yes, dark chocolate covered almonds on sale…don’t get me started. They had a great sale and my fridge was pretty empty. Well, never empty, but low.

They really shouldn’t have such a good sale. It’s too tempting. Blackberries only $1, strawberries $1.25 for the large pound container, cucumbers 2/$1, mangos 2 for $1, green peppers 3/$1, I can go on. It was insane. All this on the counter was a little over $20. I bought some other things too, but these bargains were so exciting. I love Sprouts! (Fridge no longer empty.)
I came home all happy, and now I have some chicken boiling on the stove. I’m going to cut up a bunch of vegetables and make some chicken soup. Life is good!  Ah….HAPPY SUNDAY!

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