Sunday Sermon, Service, and a Church Picnic

17 Jul

Service without spirituality is exhausting and hopeless. But . . . spirituality without service is barren and selfish.” ― Joanna Weaver


This morning, I had the pleasure of attending church services at the Community Church of  the Rockies. It was funny because Jim offered to drive me over to the local Catholic Church, then rush over to the Presbyterian Church for his service, as both began at 10 am. I told him that I’d be more than happy to attend services with him. I explained, “I think God will know where I am.” 

I’m not sure what the Gospel was over by the Catholic Church this morning, but here, the second reading was the story of Martha and Mary, sisters of Lazarus, good friends of Jesus.

Martha was upset that she was doing all the work and attending to Jesus and the others, while Mary sat idle, just listening. Jesus defended Mary…

The minister commented that he believed that both sisters, in their own way, served the Lord in their own fashion. But, perhaps it is good to do have both qualities. Listen to the Word, and give service to others.

My take on it…is pretty much summarized by the opening quote…”Service without spirituality is exhausting and hopeless. But . . . spirituality without service is barren and selfish.” 

― Joanna Weaver


The service was, in a way, very similar to our traditional Catholic services with readings, hymns, songs and reciting. The big difference is, they just don’t get all that extra aerobic activity as we do with all the kneeling, standing, sitting, more kneeling, and let’s not forget the twenty-seven times making the sign of the cross. 

Afterwards, we stopped and chatted with several people from the congregation, including the minister and his wife. She made a special point to invite us to their annual church potluck picnic over at the marina, immediately following the service. She said not to bother bringing anything, just come and join them. That was very nice. We didn’t want to impose, but decided to attend. We stopped at the Safeway and picked up some cut up fruit containers, and headed to the marina. What an amazing view and wonderful hospitality. We planted ourselves at a picnic table with two empty spots. As it turns out, we sat next to the minister and his wife. A lovely morning of fellowship and friendship.

Look at this view!!!

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