Tuesday:) Timely Tasty Tip of the Day

6 Jul

“Gracious words are refreshing to the soul.”

~Lailah Gifty Akita


With summer upon us in full swing…swinging pretty hot and heavy here in Texas, I’ll share one of my summertime beverage tips. No, it’s not Friday Black Russian night, it’s only Tuesday.

A lot of people cut up fresh fruit and put it in a container with water to make a refreshing drink for the summer. I always thought it was such a waste of good fruit. After a while, it gets all mushy and yucky. When I have oranges or grapefruit, I scrub and wash the outside really well, then eat the fruit…saving the peel. I put that in the water. There’s still some pulp and flavor and vitamins left on the peel, and it’s still pretty in the pitcher. 

Yesterday, I cut up a watermelon and did the same thing. I didn’t put the green peel in, but cut away a lot of the remaining red fruit and inner rind left behind. I had several containers of watermelon cubes for eating later, and a pitcher of flavored water. Very tasty, and pretty in my glass pitcher. I pour some out, then add more water. Lasts several days.

I thought that was a pretty good tip, and now I have a refreshing drink to last me until Friday Black Russian night. 

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