Sunday: The Sun Also Rises

14 Apr

Saturday was just a blur. By mid afternoon, a blinding migraine headache ruined my exciting morning on the Square with friends. Thank goodness the sun also rises on Sunday.

Starting the day with a great breakfast at Snug on the Square was a given. Tommy the wandering troubadour was playing his soulful songs as my friend Karen and I wandered around the Arts in Bloom event Saturday morning.

Tommy’s back in McKinney
We bumped into Mayor Brian Loughmiller at Snug and strolling around the Square.

Dozens of our artist friends were displaying their works and talents.
Lynne Hubner, an amazing printmaker, made prints of a huge woodcut by inking and pressing with a huge landscape water filled roller and children sliding over the paper in their socks. Way cool!

Jeni Tomlinson was painting a very large canvas of a McKinney May Day event from years gone by.

Lynda Kingsley was at the state fair the day Old Tex caught on fire. She captured the event in watercolor for future generations.

There were so many artists and crafts people, I couldn’t capture them all. Musicians were playing on every corner. It was great bumping into friends and enjoying a marvelous McKinney day.

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